Referral Templates and Pre-Referral Guidelines

Important Information for GPs

Referrals to St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Specialist Clinics

  • St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Specialist Clinics are accepting referrals including those seeking an opinion or advice on diagnosis and management.

  • Face to face, telehealth and telephone consultations are allocated as appropriate, with an increased number of face-to-face appointments available.

  • Please remind your patients to bring their current GP and practice contact details.

  • Due to COVID 19 restrictions over the last two years, please be aware that we do have a backlog of non-urgent referrals which we are now prioritising alongside urgent referrals.

  • Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please don't forget the excellent resource: Health Pathways

Referral to St Vincent's (all referrals must be faxed)

The referral templates and pre-referral guidelines page will give you all the guidance you need when making a referral to St Vincent's Hospital.

In order to effectively triage referrals, please include the following essential information in your referral:

  • Patient's demographic info
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details and address
  • Medicare Number/Overseas patient health insurance status
  • Indigenous status
  • Interpreter requirements
  • Clinical information 
  • Specialty and head of unit to whom patient is referred
  • Reason for referral
  • Management to date
  • Medical history
  • Relevant diagnostic results
  • Allergies
  • Current medications
  • Name of referring doctor including provider number, practice name and contact details

By having all relevant information, the triage teams will be able to determine the most appropriate service for your patient and arrange a timely appointment,

Click here for instructions on how to import templates into GP clinical software.

Specialist Clinics Referral Forms

Referral Templates for Specialist Clinics:

Please address all referrals to Dermatology Clinic to a named specialist - A/Prof Chris Baker (Head of Clinic)

Neurosurgery Referrals for Specialist Clinics:

Please refer to the Neurosurgery Referral Guidelines for further information.

Please see here for Exclusion Criteria.  

Oro Maxillo Facial Referrals

The Maxillofacial Surgery Unit provides a complete range of specialist oral and maxillofacial surgical care for patients with facial trauma, benign and malignant oral pathology, facial deformity, and TMJ disorders.

We are not able to offer tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth) or other dental procedures under general anaesthetic except in the setting of patients with significant medical co-morbidities.

Endoscopy Referral Templates for Gastroenterology / Colorectal / Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Clinics:

Referrals for patients likely to require endoscopy must be made using the templates below:

Please visit Endoscopy website for further information

Referral Templates for Hepatitis C Treatment Request:

Referrals to Palliative Care:

Please FAX a referral letter to: (03) 9231 4143

For more information on palliative care outpatient appointments Tel: (03) 9231 2827 

Referrals to Breast Clinic:

Breast Clinic Referral Guidelines

Please FAX referral form to: (03) 9231 2017

For enquiries, please phone: (03) 9231 4743 Email:

Referrals to Lymphoedema Service:

Lymphoedema Service referral form

Please FAX referral form to: (03) 9231 3489

For enquiries/urgent referrals, please phone: (03) 9231 1971 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Obesity Management Clinic:

  • Please FAX referrals to: (03) 9231 3590
  • >Referral criteria: BMI > 35kg/m2 with medical co-morbidities that will improve with weight loss

Addiction Medicine Referral Forms

Referrals to Addiction Medicine:

Please FAX a referral letter to: (03) 9231 2642

Referral information:

For any enquiries please contact Addiction Medicine reception on Tel: (03) 9231 6940

Aged Care and Community Services Referral Forms

Referral Templates for Community and Aged Care Services:

This referral template is for the following services:

  • Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team (APATT)
  • Community Rehabilitation Centres
  • HARP (Hospital Admission Risk Program)
  • Home-Based Allied Health
  • Polio Services Victoria
  • Young Adults Complex Disability Service
  • Specialist Clinics - Continence Clinic, Cognitive Dementia and Memory Clinic, Geriatric Medical Clinic, Falls and Balance Clinic, Pain Clinic for Older Persons

Referral Template for Health Independence Program (HIP):

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) Health Independence Programs (HIP) encompass the Subacute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS), Complex Care Services (CCS) previously known as HARP, Residential In Reach (RIR) and Post-Acute Care Services (PAC). HIP comprises many of the services that deliver health care to support the transition from hospital to the home or to prevent the need for a hospital presentation or stay. Clients can access these services directly from the community. HIP services are delivered in the community, in ambulatory settings and in people’s homes.


Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management Referral Forms

Referrals to Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management:


Please FAX referral form to: (03) 9231 4660

For enquiries, please phone: (03) 9231 4681

Cancer Centre Referral Forms

Referrals to Cancer Centre:

Please FAX a referral letter to: (03) 9231 3172

For any enquiries please contact Cancer Centre reception on Tel: (03) 9231 3155

Community Sub Acute Admission Referral Forms

This referral template is for the following services:

  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM)
  • Restorative Care
  • Day Respite
  • Rehabilitation

Heart Centre Referral Forms

Referrals to St Vincent's Heart Centre:

Please FAX a referral form or letter to: (03) 9231 3333 and the Heart Centre will contact your patient.

For any enquiries, please contact Heart Centre on Tel: (03) 9231 1399 (GP direct access)

Pre-Referral Guidelines

Useful Forms

Diagnostic Services:

Patient Information Request:


Fibroscan Request:

Transport Request:

This form needs include the following information:

  • Please FAX this form to: 9231 4261 
  • Enquiries to phone: 9231 3480 (Patient Transport Officer)
  • Please ensure that all fields on this form are completed as forms not correctly filled in will not be able to be processed  
  • Forms must be signed by a Doctor or RN1
  • Please ensure patient’s phone number is included to confirm transport the day before 

Lithotripsy Service Referral:

Importing Referral Templates:

Instructions: Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie, ZedMed

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