Health Independence Program (HIP)

St Vincent’s Health Independence Program (HIP) provides community-based services to support people to improve and maintain health, independence and well-being within their communities.

HIP provides coordinated and integrated multidisciplinary health care to support the transition from hospital to the home, or to prevent the need for a hospital presentation or stay.

HIP aims to empower clients to self-manage their health and health care in their own communities. Clients can access these services directly from the community. HIP services are delivered in the community, in ambulatory settings, online/telehealth and in people’s homes.

Most services are time-limited and goal directed, and are offered one-to-one and in group settings. Our accessible program is well recognised and strongly linked to the local community and service sector. Our approach enhances the client experience and improves their health, wellbeing and independence.

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Specialist Clinics for Older Persons


The Specialist Clinics at St George’s Hospital include the Continence Clinic, Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS), Geriatric Medical Clinic, and Falls and Balance Clinic

Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)


St Vincent’s Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) is a Health Independence Program (HIP) HARP aims to improve people’s health outcomes and manage the rate in growth and demand for public hospital services by reducing the use of emergency departments (ED) and inpatient services where avoidable.

Residential in Reach


Residential Aged care In-Reach provides hospital type care, where appropriate and safe, to people living in residential aged care facilities (RACF).

Post Acute Care (PAC)


St Vincent’s receives Post Acute Care services through Inner Melbourne Post Acute Care: a service delivered by North Richmond Community Health.

Community Rehabilitation Services


Community Rehabilitation services incorporate the community rehabilitation centres and rehabilitation in the home as well as a number of specialised services.

Complex Disability Services


There are three SACS Complex Disability Services; Intrathecal Baclofen Clinic, Polio Services Victoria, Young Adult Complex Disability Service

Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management


The Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management (BWCPM) is predominantly an outpatient multidisciplinary service that provides assessment, treatment and consultation for patients with persistent pain.