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GP Webinar: St Vincent’s Melbourne Home Based Services – ‘Better@Home’?

Video now available on-demand. 


This webinar was held on Tuesday 4 October 2022 and the video is now available on-demand via this link:

This free webinar provides an orientation to the increasing range of @Home services on offer at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, including patients and presentations that can be cared for via home-based services, referral pathways and the GP’s role in these models of care. 3 RACGP CPD program points allocated (1.5 hours).

Presented through the free Praxhub portal by specialists from St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne



Dr Rachael Sutherland, GP Liaison Consultant, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.

Introduction to St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Better@Home
Dr Richard Kane - Clinical Director of Geriatric Medicine, Home & Community Services, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Dr Beth La Brooy - Consultant Geriatrician and Medical Lead Better@Home, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Dr David Murphy - Director of Rehabilitation, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.

Other @Home Services
Dr Beth La Brooy - Consultant Geriatrician and Medical Lead Better@Home, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Q&A Panel discussion


GPs will be prompted to login (or Register - free) to Praxhub to access this page, and this step will facilitate GPs then receiving their CPD certificate post-webinar.
Praxhub is an authorised Provider of education under the RACGP CPD Program. More information about Praxhub:
Supported by Eastern Melbourne Primary Care Network:

Don’t forget HealthPathways Melbourne for referral pathways:

Then search using the keywords:

  • Frailty in Older Adults
  • Unexpected Deterioration in an Older Adult


Aged Mental Health GP Free Webinar Series 2021 - Recordings available

Presented through the free praxhub portal by specialists from St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne new Healthy Ageing Service (HAS) for the older adult population with mild-moderate mental illness.

RACGP CPD Activities (2 points per hour).

Webinars 60 minutes each and will be available on praxhub soon:

  • Held Wed 21/4/21 Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia – Professor David Ames
  • Held Wed 5/5/21 Personality Disorder in the Older Adult – Dr Francine Moss
  • Held Wed 19/5/21 Anxiety in the Older Adult – Dr Terence Chong
  • Held Wed 2/6/21 Depression in the Older Adult – Dr Anne-Marie Keogh


Palliative Care Clinical Attachment for GPs TBA 2023.

Caritas Christi in Kew.

Tuesdays & Thursdays mornings.

Update your skills in providing palliative care and end-of-life care. (6 Category 2 RACGP QI&CPD Points).

Please note: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions this clinical attachment has been on hold until further notice.


Advance Care Planning Education for GPs and Practice Nurses

Advance Care Planning Australia offers free webinars for Health Professionals, and other training opportunities 

Excellent links to resources available at HealthPathways Melbourne, login and search Advance Care Planning or ACP.
Click here for a summary of Advance Care Planning MBS guidance for GPs and practice nurses.




St Vincent’s rehabilitation support for patients with post COVID 19 complications

Many patients suffer prolonged physical, cognitive and functional impairments after COVID 19 infection, especially after ICU or other hospitalisation.

St Vincent’s is offering multidisciplinary rehabilitation at Kew or Fairfield sites or via Rehab-in-The-Home for patients in cities of Yarra, Darebin (South of Preston) and Boroondara. For surrounding suburbs, please enquire with the service.

If in isolation, telehealth options are available.

For further information and to refer, click here.


Enquiries: Tel: 1300 131 470

Fax referrals: (03) 9231 2202


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for GPs (Update 15 June 2022)

Referrals to St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Specialist Clinics

  • St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Specialist Clinics are accepting referrals including those seeking an opinion or advice on diagnosis and management.
  • Face to face, telehealth and telephone consultations are allocated as appropriate, with an increased number of face-to-face appointments available.
  • Please remind your patients to bring their current GP and practice contact details.
  • Due to COVID 19 restrictions over the last two years, please be aware that we do have a backlog of non-urgent referrals which we are now prioritising alongside urgent referrals.
  • Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please don't forget the excellent resource: HealthPathways Melbourne


Information for spinal referrals to St Vincent’s Public Hospital Melbourne

All spinal referral require the Spinal Assessment and Management Service Referral Form.

Referral Guidelines: Please refer to the Neurosurgery Referral Guidelines for further information. Please see here for Exclusion Criteria. St Vincent’s Public Hospital Melbourne Neurosurgery Specialist Clinics:

Or you can go to HealthPathways Melbourne

GP Enquiries: Tel: (03) 9231 2898

Fax referrals: (03) 9231 3489


Referrals to St Vincent's for patients with a positive FOBT

A reminder, when referring your patients with a positive FOBT to Endoscopy Services to St V's, please indicate clearly on your letter whether the test was done through the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP).

Patients with a positive FOBT in the NBCSP are fast-tracked and will get their endoscopy with 30 days, so please let us know.

Please use our special Endoscopy Referral form for all referrals where your patient is likely to require an endoscopy. For referral form, click here.

Advance Care Planning information for GPs

St Vincent’s supports Advance Care Planning and encourages clinical staff to have discussions with patients and their families, and to assist them to consider and express their informed free and autonomous preferences about their future health care needs and treatment goals.

When you refer patients to St Vincent’s, if they have an Advance Care Directive, please provide this to us. Similarly if a patient you care for is a known St Vincent’s patient and has an Advance Care Directive, please provide this to St Vincent’s. This encourages shared decision making in line with the patient’s values and presences and in accordance with the Medical Treatment, Planning and Decisions Act (VIC) 2016.

For further assistance with Advance Care Planning at St Vincent's Hospital, please contact the Advance Care Planning Program Manager, Caroline Scott on 9231 1938 or at  or visit our website /our-services/departments-and-services/a/advance-care-planning. For more information about Advance Care Planning, go to HealthPathways Melbourne, login and search Advance Care Planning or ACP.

Click here for a summary of Advance Care Planning MBS guidance for GPs and practice nurses.


GP Engagement



Feedback welcome: please email

GP Advisory Group – Established to serve as a “brains trust” for the GP Liaison Unit so that we may communicate a broader representative position to SVHM and check our assessment and understanding of issues at hand. GP, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager members participate in discussion (mostly via email) where they have something to add but are not obliged to do so for every matter under discussion. If you are interested in joining St Vincent’s GP Advisory Group, please contact Dr Rachael Sutherland





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