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Our mission is to use simulation to educate, foster collaboration, and harness collective expertise to improve patient care and the experience of clinicians. Through continuous innovation, we create engaging learning experiences that empower healthcare professionals to refine their skills and adapt to dynamic environments. With a commitment to excellence and evidence-based practice, we strive to advance quality of care and drive positive outcomes.

Simulation provides a unique opportunity for staff to apply their knowledge and skills in a safe and supported environment. It draws on the concepts of deliberate and reflective practice to create a meaningful learning experience with a key focus on patient safety. 

It is a firm belief of the Simulation Service that all our SVHM clinicians are competent, well trained individuals’ who want to do their best. All of our training is designed to identify and encourage the strengths of our learners as well as uncover areas for improvement and growth. This extends beyond clinical skills and knowledge to include critical concepts such as team work, communication and leadership.

Our interprofessional Simulation Team share a passion for learning and collaboration, with a variety of courses currently on offer internally and externally. They are also available to design bespoke education to suit the specific needs of your area. 

Our services include:

  • Development of bespoke education programs to suit the needs of medical, nursing and allied health clinicians
  • Support to deliver existing simulation based programs 
  • School of Anatomy services to support technical training involving human tissue
  • Faculty development with a focus on debriefing and human factors 

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