How to apply

Applicants must be a Registered Nurse with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

St Vincent’s recommends prospective students have a minimum of 2 years nursing experience before taking up postgraduate studies with at least 1 year experience in the specialty area of interest.


Step 1

Contact your Nurse Unit Manager, Postgraduate Coordinator and Clinical Nurse Educator to discuss your eligibility for Postgraduate study in your chosen stream.

You can contact the Postgraduate Coordinator at 

For all Mental Health Postgraduate applications, please refer to the guidelines in the heading under Mental Health.

Step 2

The Postgraduate Coordinator will seek expressions of interest to undertake Postgraduate study in May and September of each year. The expression of interest will be emailed to St Vincent's NUMs for distribution to staff and displayed in the clinical areas. Mid-year applications will be advertised in May (ACU and University of Melbourne only) for students wishing to commence an online subject in the year prior to them undertaking Postgraduate study.

Note: The ICU stream will be advertised via Workday in late August.

Step 3

All expressions of interest will be reviewed by the Postgraduate Coordinator and respective NUM's and clinical educators. Some streams will offer a face to face interview with the unit manager. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Step 4

The Postgraduate Coordinator will notify the universities of formal acceptance of the successful candidates.

Step 5

Applicants will need to formally apply to the relevant university, attaching the documentation according to the university's website.


St Vincent's welcomes external applicants.

Please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator at SVHM.Education.reception to discuss Postgraduate opportunities for all streams. (Mental Health follow the links in the stream info page)

Postgraduate positions for the ICU stream will be advertised in late August via Workday.