Patient Engagement App

St Vincent’s Patient Engagement App

St Vincent’s has a developed a Patient Engagement App for patients with appointments at our specialist clinics. The new app is a safe and secure way to share appointment information and better manage appointments.

By signing up for the app you will be able to:

  • View your upcoming and past appointments.
  • Confirm your appointment.
  • Check-in for your appointment.

Note: you do not need to sign up for the app if you do not want to.

How to register

To sign up, visit

Enter your details in the sign-up portal and press ‘Submit’.

Logging in

Once you’ve registered, you’ll see a login page where you’ll be asked to login using your mobile phone number.

Once you are in the app, you’ll be able to view details of your upcoming appointments, past appointments and any notifications about your appointment.

Notifications will be sent to you via the app to keep you updated with information about your appointments.

Checking in for your appointment

Once you arrive at the hospital, you can check in for your appointment. Note that you will not be able to check in until you are onsite.