Pharmacy Education

The Pharmacy department’s education and training program aims to develop knowledge and practice skills to promote safe and effective medication use in patients in accordance with the mission and values of St Vincent’s Health Australia.

About Us

The St Vincent’s Pharmacy Services consists of over 55 team members; including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff. We pride ourselves on a culture of working collaboratively to aspire, achieve and innovate in accordance with the organisation’s mission and values. We work toward providing a benchmark standard for patient care underpinned by a strong focus on evidence-based practice and medication safety.  

The Pharmacy department provides pharmacy services to medical, surgical and speciality patient treatment areas. Clinical pharmacists play a significant role as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team at St Vincent’s, which delivers care in a patient-focused manner. In addition, outpatient / ambulatory pharmacy services, aseptic manufacturing, oncology production, medicines information, Quality Use of Medicines (QUM), medication safety, antimicrobial stewardship, clinical trials and practice research are but some of the additional services provided by pharmacy here at St Vincent’s.

The department is also committed to the training of pharmacy students and intern pharmacists. Ongoing education for registered pharmacists is also seen as a high priority. Competencies of employed pharmacists are assessed through a yearly ClinCAT review as per SHPA standards to ensure competent and safe services are provided to the public.  The department is also involved with the education of medical and nursing staff and patients enrolled in rehabilitation programs. 

Pharmacy Intern Program

St. Vincent’s Hospital employs 7 intern pharmacists.

The pre-registrant program at St.Vincent’s aims to provide a good foundation and transition to practice as a skilled clinical pharmacist. 
Our interns are rotated to all areas of the pharmacy department.

Interns are employed for 1 year and the program begins in early January. Applications each year are through the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia.  

Pharmacy Student Clinical Placement Program

The department accepts pharmacy students from Monash University, La Trobe University and RMIT University.

Preparing for your Clinical Placement
The information contained in this page is important information for your upcoming clinical placement.
Orientation will occur on your first day of placement. You will meet with the Undergraduate Pharmacy Coordinator at 8.30 am in the main pharmacy located in building A on the ground floor. 

To assist you in getting to our campuses and navigating our sites please refer to the links below for campus maps, parking and transport:

The following items should be current and brought with you on the first day of your placement: 

National police check

All students must hold a current National Police Check (dated within 12 months of the anticipated commencement date.  Students must bring the police check along with them on the first day of placement.  If a current Police Check is not held by the student, then they will be refused attendance at their clinical placement until they are able to provide a police check.  

Undergraduate immunisation status is managed directly via your education provider. As per SVHM Terms and Conditions students cannot attend placement unless they meet immunisation requirements for health professionals according to the Department of Health and Human Services vaccination for health care workers program.  

Mandatory Immunisations for placement at SVHM include:
•    Hepatitis B
•    MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella)
•    Varicella (Chickenpox)
•    Diptheria/Tetanus
•    Fluvax is made available to all of our students free of charge during our fluvax campaign.

Hand Hygiene is the most effective means of preventing the spread of nosocomial infections among hospital patients and personnel.  It is a requirement that all students have completed the appropriate learning package at the Hand Hygiene Australia website and can show proof of completion by downloading a certificate prior to placement commencement.  Non-compliance to hand hygiene will not be tolerated in the clinical areas. 


Students are expected to look neat and professional at all times during clinical placements. They are encouraged to wear the University-designated uniform. Identification badges should be worn at all times during the clinical placement.

Attendance & Absences

If a student is delayed or unable to attend their clinical placement, they should contact the Undergraduate pharmacy coordinator (Erini) by calling 92316528 as well as contacting the university by 8.30am on the day. Messages and late phone calls are not acceptable.  All time taken as sick leave when on clinical placement must be verified with a medical certificate or statutory declaration.  

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not to be used during clinical time and should not be carried on the wards. Mobile phone use on the wards/in outpatients is deemed as unprofessional behaviour.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Please refer to the Hospital’s Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement. Students must adhere to the policies and ensure patient’s consent to student participation in patient interviews and medication counselling.  Patient information must be de-identified for any case presentations, and none may be removed from the hospital.

Accident Procedures

All accidents involving students must be reported to the supervising pharmacist immediately. An online incident form will be completed and the relevant medical/nursing staff informed of the incident.  

Pharmacy Summer Vacation Student Positions

The Pharmacy employs a small number of third year pharmacy students each year for 3 weeks in December. Applications are made through SHPA.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your upcoming placement please feel free to contact us on 9231 6528 and ask to speak to either Erini Mathiopoulos (Education and Training Pharmacist) or Andrew Cording (Chief Pharmacist)