Short-term feedback

POST Fellows have been asked to rate their POST Program experience at the end of their placement. Their placement has been rated on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent):

  • 93% of respondents rated their overall satisfaction with the POST Program as 8 or above
  • 96% of respondents rated their POST supervisor/s as 8 or above
  • 91% of respondents rated the relevance of the POST Program to their current or future work commitments as 8 or above

Long-term feedback

POST Fellows are asked to rate the usefulness of their POST placement 6 months after returning home. Here are some of their comments:


"This POST Program is very helpful for our mental health service. For example, our directors and managers (also including our staff and health workers) have changed their views and understandings about Community Mental Health." Psychiatrist, Mongolia (6 weeks, Community Psychiatry)


"Actually, we have had a multidisciplinary team working for a long time but it seems each team do their works separately. Since we arranged our multidisciplinary team working system, we do our work in multidisciplinary system more obviously and more congruently." Psychiatrist, Thailand (4 weeks, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)


"I had never learnt formally Community Psychiatry. After the program, I learnt much about community psychiatry and the ways of delivering community services. More importantly, I had attained the formal training in this area and it brought me the legitimacy of being a leader of the outreach teams. Overall, the hospital will benefit from the works of these outreach teams." Psychiatric Nurse, Hong Kong (2 weeks, Community Psychiatry)


"I learnt the critical approach is dealing with diversity of different types of psychiatric consultation especially crisis like suicide/violence." Psychiatric Nurse, Hong Kong (4 weeks, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry)


"Modelled from the Residential Support Program of St George’s, and together with the advice from my colleagues and seniors, I have helped to write up a project named 'Assertive Community Intervention for Acute Psychogeriatric Patients (ACIPG) of NTEC' which provide home-based treatment for elderly with difficult and challenging behaviours living at home or residential homes." Psychiatrist, Hong Kong, (2 weeks, Aged Psychiatry)