Brochures and Fact Sheets


About Your Anaesthetic

Acoustic Neuroma

Adjustable Height Chair

Adult Mental Health

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning - Chinese

Advance Care Planning - Greek

Advance Care Planning - Italian

Advance Care Planning - Vietnamese

Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet 

Advance Care Planning for Patients 

Advance Care Planning for Staff 

Advance Care Planning - My Values Website

After a Coronary Angiogram - Discharge Information for Patients With a Normal Result

After a Coronary Angiogram - Discharge Information for Patients With Coronary Artery Disease

Aged Care Resources


ALERT - Assessment Liaison and Early Referral Team


Anaesthesia and Surgery - A guide for people with a history of polio

Angioplasty for Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

Anointing of the Sick for Catholic Patients at St Vincent's


Archives and Heritage Centre


Bathboard - A Guide for Patients and Carers

Bathboard - A Guide for Total Hip Joint Replacement Patients and Their Carers 

Bath Transfer Bench - A Guide for Patients and Their Carers 

Bath Transfer Bench - A Guide for Total Hip Joint Replacement Patients and Their Carers 

Bed Pole

Bedside Commode



Blood Clots

Blood Transfusion

Body Image and Eating Disorders Treatment and Recovery Service (BETRS)

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Reconstructive Surgery - DIEP Flap

Briar Terrace

Bronchoscopy, Laryngoscopy, Micro-laryngoscopy, Oesophagoscopy and Panendoscopy

Brunswick Community Medical Centre


Call Don't Fall - Multiple Languages

Cambridge Community Rehabilitation Centre

CAM Walker - English

CAM Walker - Greek

CAM Walker - Italian

Can I Bring Food for Patients and Residents


Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program

Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program - Greek

Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program - Italian

Cardiothoracic Care Centre - Information for Patients 

Cardiothoracic Care Centre - Patient Information Booklet

Cardiothoracic Care Centre - Process of Care 

Caritas Christi Day Hospice - Information for Clients and Families 

Caritas Christi Palliative Care - Information for Patients

Carotid Artery Endarterectomy

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel Release Fact Sheet

Change to Pathology Billing for Hospital Inpatients 

Clean Hands Save Lives - Multiple Languages

Cognitive Communication Disorders

Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service

Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service - A Guide to the Assessment Process for New Clients

Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service - A Step-by-Step Guide for Clients

Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service Fact Sheet

Cognitive Feeding Impairment

Colonoscopy - Extended Preparation

Community Mental Health Services 

Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions

Continence - Bladder and Bowel Control 

Continence Clinic 

Coronary Angiogram and Coronary Stenting

Coronary Angiogram Booklet

Craniofacial Resection

Critical Care Liaison Nurse Service

Cruciform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension Orthosis

Cultural Responsiveness Plan 2019-22


Darebin Community Rehabilitation Centre

Day Procedure Unit - General Information for Endoscopy Patients

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Defecation Dynamics

Depaul House - Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Unit

Discharge Information for Patients After Insertion of a Permanent Pacemaker (PPM), With or Without an Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD)

Discharge Information for Patients Post Coronary Angiogram

Discharge Information for Patients Post DCR

Discharge Information for Patients Post Loop Recorder Insertion/Removal

Discharge Information for Patients Post Pacemaker Generator Change

Discharge Lounge

Discharge Lounge FAQ

Division Two Registered Nurse Opportunities at St Vincent’s

Domiciliary Therapy

Don't Fall For It - A Guide To Preventing Falls For Older People

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - English

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - Arabic

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - Chinese

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - Greek

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - Italian

Don't Go Hungry In Hospital - Vietnamese

Dual Disability




Elective Neck Surgery

Employed Carers' Respite Program

End of Life Care - English

End of Life Care - Italian

End of Life Care - Simplified Chinese

End of Life Care - Traditional Chinese

End of Life Care - Vietnamese

Endoluminal Abdominal Artery Aneurysm (AAA) Repair

Enhancing Care for the Older Person

Expanding Post Discharge Support Program 

Extending St Vincent's Care into the Community


Falls and Balance Assessment Clinic

Family Violence - Greek

Family Violence - Italian

Family Violence - Simplified Chinese

FEES - Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Female Urethral Sling Operation

Femoral Popliteal Bypass Surgery

First Episode Psychosis Family and Friends Group

Footbridge Community Care Unit


Free Flap Reconstruction


Gastroscopy - Morning Procedure

GEM@Home - Greek

GEM@Home - Italian

GEM@Home - Vietnamese

Geriatric Evaluation Management (GEM) 

Geriatric Medical Clinic

Going Home After Heart Surgery

GP Liaison

Grief Resource List

Grieving Children


Halo-Thoracic Spinal Orthosis

Hand Hygiene for Patients and Visitors

HARP - Hospital Admission Risk Program

HARP Smoking Cessation Service

Healthy Bowel Function

Heart and Lung Exercise Program

Heart Surgery

Hepatitis C Story - Chinese

Hepatitis C Story - Vietnamese


Hip Abduction Orthosis

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

Home and Community Care Nursing Service

Hospital Admission Risk Program

How to Prevent Falls

How to Store and Transport Evogam

How to Store and Transport Hizentra


ICU - Chinese

ICU - Greek

ICU - Italian

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Counselling Clinic

Information for Family and Friends of Patients with Delirium 

Information for Patients Being Screened for Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE)

Information for Patients Wearing a Removable Rigid Dressing (RRD)

Information for Patients Wearing a Shrinker

Influenza (Flu)

Influenza (Flu) Fact Sheet

Infra Temporal Fossa Clearance


Insomnia and Polio Patients

Instructions for Compression Stockings Post Varicose Vein Surgery



Kids at St Vincent’s

Knee Joint Replacement Surgery


Laser Laryngectomy

Lithotripsy Service

Living With Pain - A New 'Start'

LSVT LOUD - Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program

Lumbar Sacral Orthosis


Managing Your Pain


Mandibulectomy and Free Flap Reconstruction

Mastoidectomy, Stapedectomy, Myringoplasty and Tympanoplasty

Maxillectomy and Free Flap Reconstruction

Meatal Dilatation

Medical Educatio

Medical Enduring Power of Attorney

Medical Imaging Fact Sheet

Mental Health Graduate Program

Mental Health - Useful Phone Numbers

Miami J Collar

Minimising Functional Decline

Morning Bowel Routine

Mouth Care

Move Smart Passport

Moving to Sub-acute Care


Now What Booklet

Nurse Education Registration Form

Nutrition Outpatient Services

Nutrition Outpatient Services Fact Sheet


Occupational Therapy - A guide for Lower Limb Amputees

Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment Clinic 

Oncology Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehabilitation Group Program

Oral Care

Outreach Medication Review (OMR)

Over Toilet Frame 


Palliative Care Consultation Service

Palliative Care Day Centre - Information for Clients and Families 

Palliative Day Care - Information for Referrers


Partial or Hemi-glossectomy

Pastoral Care 

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG)

Peri-operative Medicine Unit (PMU)

Permanent Pacemaker and ICD Insertion

Personal Alarms

Philadelphia Collar

Physical Activity Following Open Heart Surgery 

Planned Activity Groups (PAGs/Day Centres)

Podiatry and footwear

Polio Services Victoria  (What to Expect at Your Appointment)

Polio Services Victoria - Service Brochure

Post Coronary Angriogram

Practical Matters Following Death

Preparing for the Death of Someone Close to You

Pressure Relieving Ankle Foot Orthosis

Preventing Functional Decline

Preventing Pressure Ulcers 

Prevention and Recovery Care Service (PARC)



Radial Neck Dissection

Raised Toilet Seat 

Reducing the Risk of Falls

Rehabilitation in the Home

Rehabilitation - St George's and St Vincent's

Residential Aged Care In-reach Service

Residential Aged Psychiatry Services

Restoring Health

Restraint Information for Families

Restraint Information for Patients/Consumers

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinectomy

Right Sided Stroke


Safe Footwear for Your Stay in Hospital

Safe Footwear for Your Stay in Hospital - Greek

Safe Footwear for Your Stay in Hospital - Italian

Safe Footwear for Your Stay in Hospital - Simplified Chinese

Safe Footwear for Your Stay in Hospital - Vietnamese

Serial Cast Patient Instructions

Shower Chair 

Shower Stool

Simple Nocturia Strategies

Sister Francesca Healy Cottage

Skin Cancer and Split Skin Grafts

Social Work Department Student Unit

Social Work Service

START Program for Persistent Pain

St George's Health Service

St George's Hospital In-patient Services

St George's Memory Clinic

Stop Falls and Stay Safe Booklet

Stop Falls and Stay Safe Fact Sheet

Stop Pressure Injury

The Strengths Model of Case Management 

The Strengths Model of Recovery-Oriented Practice

St Vincent's Aged Care Assessment Service

St Vincent's Aged Psychiatry Service (SVAPS)

St Vincent's Archives 

St Vincent's Bulk-billed Clinics - Information for New Patients

St Vincent’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

St Vincent's Clinics - Information for New Patients

St Vincent's Clinics - Information for Out-patients

St Vincent's Community Rehabilitation Centre Kew - English

St Vincent's Community Rehabilitation Centre Northcote - English

St Vincent's Community Rehabilitation Centre Northcote - Greek

St Vincent's Community Rehabilitation Centre Northcote - Italian

St Vincent's Community Rehabilitation Centre Northcote - Vietnamese

St Vincent’s General Practice – Fitzroy

St Vincent's Intensive Care Unit

St Vincent's - Leading Services in Cancer Care

St Vincent's Lithotripsy Service 

St Vincent's Medical Centre - ACU

St Vincent's Medical Centre - Fitzroy

St Vincent's Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service 

St Vincent’s Mental Health - Information for Consumers, Families and Carers

St Vincent's Pacific Health Fund

St Vincent's Public Hospital Melbourne Welcomes Private Inpatients 

Subacute and Ambulatory Care Services - Community Rehabilitation Centre

Subacute and Ambulatory Care Services - St Vincent's Bolte Wing


Taking control of your bladder


Thoracic-Lumbar-Sacral-Orthosis (TLSO)

Tips To Help You Sleep In Hospital

Toilet Surround Frame 

Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Uvulopalatopharyngosplasty (UVPPP)

Total Contact Cast

Total Glossectomy and Free Flap Reconstruction

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement Handout

Total Knee Replacement 

TRAAC - Treatment Response and Assessment for Aged Care


Transport Accident Commission

Treating and Controlling Headlice

Tuberculosis - The Facts


Understanding Your Grief

Upper Body Dressing

Upper Limb Fractures

Urethral Dilatation


Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE)

Verbal Dyspraxia

Victorian Dual Disability Service


Volunteers Wanted


Welcome to GEM Plus

Welcome to St Vincent's Hospital for Patients, Carers & Families

Welcome to the Department of Oncology

Why You Need a Regular GP

Working Together to Prevent Infection



YACDS First Appointment

YACDS for Patients and Carers 

Yarra Boroondara Primary Mental Health Service

Your Feedback

Your Privacy

Your Safety