Research Valet ®

Research Valet® @ SVHM: 'Your lead site solution'

The Research Directorate aims to make SVHM a premier and preferred site to conduct sponsored clinical trials across a broad range of clinical disciplines. We have recently introduced the Research Valet® Service. 

Research Valet® includes full HREC submission preparation and liaison throughout the submission and approval process.

Sponsors or researchers will receive final outcome within 30 days of HREC meeting and governance approvals will be targeted at seven days after submission of all required documentation.

The service provides researchers a smooth start up with a highly competitive timeline to gain ethics approval, providing St Vincent’s a competitive edge on the global market for clinical trials.

Due to the HREC now meeting on a fortnightly basis, please be advised that the cut-off date for submission of documents for review by the Valet team is now 14 days. 

For further information, please contact Research Valet on 9231 6977 or


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