Discharge time is 10.00am each day.

Arrangements for your safe and timely discharge will commence when you first have contact with the hospital and will continue until you leave. It is most important to let staff know of any factors that will affect your plans.

Do you have a GP?

A General Practitioner (GP) is your family doctor and is your main point of contact when you have been discharged at home. If you do not have a GP please ask your care team to assist you in finding one before you are discharged home. Your care team can provide you with a list of GPs close to your home and you can register as a new patient by telephone and make an appointment. Your GP will receive information about your hospital stay which will assist them to provide you with care, prescriptions for medication and links to other health services to help your recovery process. Having a GP may also save you unnecessary visits to the hospital emergency room.

Read more about the benefits of having a regular GP. 


If you require medication when you go home, a limited amount of medication will be supplied from the St Vincent's Pharmacy. Please note, you will be charged for this medication, see the Pharmacy section of this website for more information. Please contact your GP if you require further supplies.

Medical aids and appliances

A member of your care team will make arrangements for the provision of any medical aids or appliances that you need. Staff will let you know if there are any additional costs for this equipment.

St Vincent's at Home

St Vincent's at Home provides nursing care to patients in their own homes. If appropriate for your care, our professional, experienced nurses will visit your home to help with your recovery process. For more information about St Vincent's at Home, click here.

Need extra help?

There are a number of support services available to help you recuperate such as Home Care Services or Delivered Meals and Food Services (sometimes known as meals on wheels).Please ask your care team for more information.