Prior to Commencing at SVHM

Congratulations on your new position at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM). We look forward to you joining the St Vincent’s team and hope we can support you in making you feel safe, valued and welcomed to our organisation. 

If anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us:

Ph: (03) 9231 3260 or (03) 9231 3794

Meet the Medical Education Team

The St Vincent's Medical Education Team not only assist with organising your Medical Staff Orientation, but are here to support you in your professional development, education and wellbeing.

  • A/Prof Genni Newnham (Director of Pre-Vocational Training and Medical Oncologist)
  • Dr Brendan Morrissey (Supervisor of Intern Training and Deputy Director of Emergency Department)
  • Belinda Healy (Medical Education Coordinator)
  • Erin Sloane and Rachel Green (Medical Education Officers)
  • Claudia Karastamatis (Admin Officer)

Feel free to reach out about any of the below:

  • Educational opportunities, including weekly education for Interns and Pre-Vocational JMS
  • Professional development and career progression advice
  • Assistance with matters of concern (e.g. supervision, support, educational opportunities) while at SVHM and/or secondment
  • Wellbeing
  • General concerns that you aren't sure how to escalate through other means 

ID Swipe Badge

You will receive your ID swipe card or a completed ID badge request form during the Orientation process.

If you need additional access to areas such as the bike cage, or breast-feeding room, this can easily be added in person at Security on the Fitzroy campus. 

Security is located on the left-hand side as you enter the glass doors into the Emergency Department waiting room.

Car Parking & Transport

Those who enjoy a more active commute will be pleased to know that swipe access bike cages are available at Fitzroy Campus in Car Park 1, underneath Building A, and Car Park 2 on Fitzroy Road. Please note, there are currently no lockable bike storage facilities at other SVHM sites. 

Staff are highly encouraged to make use of the multiple public transport options available, including: train, tram and bus.

Please click here for all Car Parking & Transport information. 

Casual Parking Application Form

Campus Maps 

Please click here to view a campus maps from all St Vincent's sites in Melbourne.

N95 Fit Testing

It is a requirement at SVHM that all clinical staff are fit tested with an appropriate N95 mask annually.

If you have not previously been fit tested, or it’s been longer than 12 months since your last fit test, please book yourself an appointment ASAP:

Tests are conducted on Level 6 at St Vincent's on the Park, at 11 Cathedral Place, East Melbourne. Please be sure to keep a record of your testing results. 

Uniforms and Scrubs

At SVHM Fitzroy Campus, generic hospital scrubs are provided, available in the Residents’ Quarters on Level 1 of Healy Wing. Staff are kindly asked to NOT stockpile scrubs or take them home. There are laundry skip bins available for laundering. 

For staff wishing to purchase their own SVHM branded scrubs, you can self purchase through Workwear. Follow this link to order uniforms.

Dress Code and Uniform Policy

Rosters, Overtime and Leave

Rosters, Overtime and Leave are managed by Medical Workforce Unit. If you have any questions please contact MWU on (03) 9231 1094 or

Provider and Prescriber Numbers

All medical staff require both a Medicare provider number and PBS prescriber number in order to fulfil your duties. If you do not already have these, you are advised to apply for these as early as possible.  

Medicare provider number  

 This is a unique number linked to you which allows you to claim, bill, request, and refer Medicare services. You are required to have a separate provider number for each hospital or health service you work at. You must NOT ever use another practitioner’s provider number.  

PBS Prescriber number  

 Your prescriber number is a unique 7-digit number that identifies you as eligible to prescribe medications under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

A prescriber number is essential for writing discharge prescriptions. While you are permitted to prescribe medications on inpatient medication charts without a prescriber number, you cannot write discharge prescriptions without one. 

Click here to navigate to the services Australia website: Medicare provider numbers and PBS prescriber numbers

If you have any questions in regards to provider or prescriber numbers, please contact


Junior Medical Staff Orientation

You will receive information from the Medical Education Team regarding the time and location of Medical Staff Orientation if this is to occur in person. Alternatively you will be sent an online Orientation package to work through. All new staff, and those returning after a period of more than 12months, are required to attend orientation.

Local Orientation to your Unit

Your Heads of Unit, Term Supervisors and other colleagues will guide you through your local orientation and help you settle into your new Unit. If you are struggling with receiving an appropriate orientation to your new unit, please reach out to the Medical Education Team so we can assist.

IT Details

Our IT Onboarding Team will forward you an automated email that will contain your new SVHM IT credentials, along with a temporary password. You must change this temporary password within 7 days of receipt, otherwise you will require a password recheck.

Please also check your junk inbox as automated emails often end up here.

Mandatory Training

All staff at SVHM have a list of Mandatory Training that is required to be completed within three months of commencing employment. At SVHM we recognise some prior learning from other health services and organisations, and we encourage you to send through your certificate/s of completion so you can be awarded RPL (recognition of prior learning). These topics include:

  • Advanced Life Support Practical Assessment (if completed within the previous 12 months)
  • Basic Life Support Practical Assessment (if completed within the previous 12 months)
  • Hand Hygiene (if completed within the previous 12 months)
  • BloodSafe Clinical Transfusion (if completed within the previous 3 years)
  • NPS Medication Safety Module 
  • NPS Medication Chart Module 
  • NPS Antimicrobial Prescribing Modules 
  • Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Scheme (Online Course - Victorian Department of Health) 
  • SVHM Family Violence - MARAM Foundational and Sensitive Practice Training (Online Course - Victorian Department of Health) 

If you have any certificates of completion supporting the above, please forward to the Mandatory Training Team: 

Part Time and Flexible Working Arrangements

St Vincent’s is proud to support JMS with a range of flexible working arrangements, including part-time employment. Other working arrangements, such as accommodations for specific health concerns, can also be catered to. If these circumstances apply to you, or you have questions regarding this, please contact the Medical Workforce Unit to discuss, on (03) 9231 1094 or email at  

EBA and Supporting Policies