Prior to commencing your Graduate Year

We hope you’re looking forward to starting your graduate year with us at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Below you will find all the necessary information to prepare you for commencing your career with us!

Please ensure that you read through each section carefully and send us any requested documentation or information. If anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Parking & Transport

Please click here for all Parking & Transport information. 

Casual Parking Application Form

Campus Maps 

Please select your location to view a campus map, Fitzroy, SGH KEW, Berrenagrra and Auburn House. For additional Campus Information click here.


In regards to purchasing uniforms, you will all need to go online to view the uniform selection and purchase what you want. We have attached the login details and size charts for the Scrubs.

Each Scrub set will be embroidered with the St Vincent’s logo and title “NURSE”, and will be tax deductible. Credit card payments can be made online, and our chosen supplier will deliver orders to nominated home addresses. The size guide attached will assist you with your selection, which is also available throughout the online ordering process. There are 2 options-1 female fit and 1 unisex fit.

Employees must adhere to the uniform code of SVHM. Neat and professional attire must be maintained during clinical experience including hair tied back and jewellery kept to a minimum. Small stud earrings or sleepers (no more than 2 in each ear) are acceptable, as is a wedding ring, but no other jewellery is to be worn. Nail polish is not to be worn. Wrist watches must be removed when in direct clinical contact. Fob watches are preferred. No long sleeve tops or cardigan are to be worn in the clinical area for infection control reasons.

St Vincent's Public Nursing Self Purchase Logins

Scrubs Size Charts

Employee Responsibilities

Employees must at all times adhere to St. Vincent’s Hospital Policy and Procedure Guidelines in regard to patient care.

Employees must wear name badge and Identity Card at all times whilst on hospital grounds. A name badge will be provided to you at orientation. 

The reputation and image of SVHM is upheld by the perceptions that patients and visitors form of staff. For this reason, employees are expected to be courteous and considerate to patients, visitors and staff members.

Patient information is to be regarded as confidential at all times. 

Personal Belongings
Employees are advised to keep personal items and valuables to a minimum, as SVHM accepts no responsibility for these. You will be provided with a locker, however most areas may require you to bring your own lock. 

Social Media
Employees should not mention SVHM or detail anything about their employment, or communicate with patients or their families using social media. For further information about your responsibilities with social media you can review the social media policy from AHPRA by following this link.

For further information please visit Melbourne Public Policies, Procedures & Guidelines.


Rosters will be made available prior to your orientation week. 

Please note that these shift times may differ depending on your clinical area allocation. Ensure to clarify shift times with your Nurse Unit Manager.  

Please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your shift commencing.

AM Shifts 0700-1530
PM Shifts 1300-2130
Night Shift 2100-0730

Fit Testing

Prior to working in the hospital, we need to know if you have been fit tested for a N95 mask in the last 12 months and if so, was that at St Vincent’s or another hospital. We need to know the particular hospital where you were tested as each hospital does use certain types of masks-they may not all be the same. Therefore, can you please inform us about your fit testing status and forward us the certificate as soon as possible. 
For those of you who have never been fit tested or have an expired assessment, we will have to arrange a test for you prior to commencing work in your allocated clinical area during Orientation week.

Please complete the Onboarding & Orientation Form prior to commencement. 

Mandatory Training

Prior to commencing your graduate year, you must complete a number of our hospital online competencies. The competencies listed below are required to be completed prior to your commencement date if possible. Please note, ‘NPS Inpatient Medication Chart’, ‘ NPS Medication Safety’ and ‘BloodSafe’ are external websites and therefore you will need to create a new account and select St Vincent’s Hospital Fitzroy (it is important to enter the hospital for reporting purposes). 

Due to your workday access, you will not be able to start these competencies until 30 days prior to your commencement date which will be indicated on your contracts. 
If for some reason, you are unable to access Workday, just complete the external competencies and we will resolve your IT issue with Workday during Orientation week.

Via Workday once you receive your login details
SVHA Basic Life Support
SVHM Venepuncture

Forward certificate via email to

SVHM NPS Inpatient Medication Chart
SVHA NPS Medication Safety training
SVHA BloodSafe – Clinical Transfusion Practice

Learning Packages & Handbooks

Please note that you won’t be able to access these packages until 30 days prior to your commencement date which will be indicated on your contracts. 

Please click here to view all Learning Packages & Handbooks. 

Graduate Resources

Please note that you won’t be able to access these packages until 30 days prior to your commencement date which will be indicated on your contracts. 

Please click here to view all Graduate Resources. 

Forms and Templates