Patient Information and Services

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers

St Vincent's provides Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers available Monday to Friday. Please ask a staff member to call the Liaison Officers if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and would like contact during your stay.

Accommodation for Relatives

St Vincent's has an Accommodation Liaison Officer to assist rural, regional and interstate patients and their families with accommodation. The Accommodation Liaison Officer can provide information about local accommodation and possible government rebates.If you require assistance to find somewhere to stay while attending St Vincent's please contact our Accommodation Liaison Officer on (03) 9288 2268.

Here is a list of accommodation suggestions near St Vincent’s for country, interstate, family and relatives of patients (DOC 136KB)


Please tell your nurse if you have any allergies to such things as specific foods, medications, latex, tapes and dressings. We will provide you with a red wrist band to alert staff.

Cafes and Retail

There are a number of cafés on site at the Fitzroy campus, as well as a pharmacy, Commonwealth Bank branch and ATM, lotto/news agent, florist and travel agent.

A café is located on site at St George’s Health Service.


Café Vincent's (Zouki) is located in Building E - Aikenhead Wing on the corner of Victoria Parade and Nicholson Street.

Opening hours: 

6.30am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday

7.30am – 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday


Coffee and refreshments are also available on the ground floor of Building D -  Daly Wing near St Vincent's Clinics and in the foyer of the main hospital.

Many cafés and restaurants can be found in nearby Fitzroy and the city.


Major supermarkets are located nearby in the city. Coles is located in Melbourne Central and Safeway in the QV Building. Smaller convenience stores can be found in Fitzroy and the city.


Location: Building B - 55 Victoria Parade

Hours: 9.00am – 5.30pm weekdays only (closed public holidays)


Location: Building B - 55 Victoria Parade.

Hours: 8.00am – 5.30pm weekdays only

The newsagent also offers dry cleaning, Tattslotto and public transport tickets in addition to a broad range of stationary, greeting cards and sweets.


Location: Building B - 55 Victoria Parade

Hours: Weekdays 8.00am – 8.00pm, Weekends 10.00am – 8.00pm 

Tel: (03) 9417 4093

Post Office

Nearest post box: Victoria Parade near the corner of Nicholson Street.

Nearest post office: Corner of Brunswick and Gertrude Streets, a short walk from St Vincent’s.

ATMs and Banking

A Commonwealth Bank branch and ATM are located on the corner of Fitzroy Street and Victoria Parade.


More information on the local area can be found at the thatsmelbourne website.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

St Vincent’s is a Deaf and hard of hearing friendly health service which prides itself on meeting the healthcare needs of patients with a hearing loss.


The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at St Vincent’s is run by the Speech Pathology department, and provides information, technology and support to staff, patients and families across the health service.



Tel:           St Vincent’s Speech Pathology
                (03) 9231 3840

24-hour relay call numbers
TTY/voice calls:        133 677
Speak and Listen:     1300 555 727
SMS relay:               0423 677 767

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Disability Liaison Officer

St Vincent’s has a Disability Liaison Officer available during business hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you are a person living with a disability, your contact is welcomed via the email below; otherwise, ask a staff member to assist you. 


Electrical Appliances

For your safety, the hospital's electrician must test any personal electrical appliances before they can be used within St Vincent's. Personal electrical appliances include hair-dryers, radios and chargers.Please tell the Care Centre staff about any appliances you have brought with you.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Do you need an interpreter?
St Vincent’s has staff interpreters who provide free, confidential interpreting in Greek, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka), Vietnamese, Italian and Arabic. Other languages are also available on request. Please speak to a St Vincent’s staff member to arrange an interpreter for your appointment if necessary.

To book an interpreter for your appointment please phone: 9231 3483


Booking an interpreter at St Vincent's Clinics
Please ensure your doctor requests an interpreter when making a referral for you to see a specialist at St Vincent’s Clinics. You may also request an interpreter when you make your appointment. Interpreters are available to patients with a valid Medicare card.


If you cannot come to your appointment please call St Vincent’s Clinics on (03) 9288 3475 and cancel your interpreter booking as well.


Other Languages


Please make your own arrangements to have you clothes laundered. If no one is able to do your washing, please mention this to a staff member.


Mail to patients is delivered every working day and should be addressed to:


Patient's name

Floor level or destination (if known),

Building A - Main Hospital

St Vincent's 

PO Box 2900

Fitzroy VIC 3065


Please address mail for Rehabilitation patients to:

Patient's name

Rehabilitation Care Centre

3rd floor, Building F - Bolte Wing

St Vincent's

PO Box 2900


Medical Records

Your medical record remains the property of the hospital. However, in accordance with Freedom of Information legislation, you can have access to your record by asking the medical staff who are looking after you. They will organise a time to sit down and read through the information with you.Alternatively, you can ask for assistance from the Patient Representative Officer on (03) 9231 1954. Copies of the information contained in your medical record can be obtained by applying through the Freedom of Information Officer who is located in Health Information Services. An administration and copying fee is charged. You can apply by ringing (03) 9288 2775 and asking for the Freedom of Information Officer.

Mobile Phones

You may use your mobile phone within the hospital (except within the Intensive Care Unit). Please respect your fellow patients, keep calls short and try to speak quietly.To prevent interference with medical equipment please keep mobile phones switched off while you are inside the Intensive Care Unit.

Newspapers and Magazines

A newspaper trolley visits Care Centres each day. Newspapers and a range of magazines are available.There is also a newsagency in Building C - Healy Wing on the ground floor.

Pastoral care

Coming to hospital is a unique experience for each person. It may be a time of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. You may find yourself in a state of transition and start to think more deeply about your life and what is important to you. You may just like to share your experience with another person.

The St Vincent's Pastoral Care team provides emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

While at St Vincent's you are invited to use our Pastoral Care service by calling (03) 9288 3716 or by asking  a staff member to arrange a visit. The Pastoral Care team is available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Chaplains from many denominations visit the hospital regularly. Sacramental Ministry is available on request. 

For more information about Pastoral Service, please click here.

Religious Services and Chapel

The St Vincent's Chapel, located in Building C - Healy Wing, provides a quiet place for reflection for all.Catholic services are held every day either in the St Vincent's Chapel or at St Vincent's Private Hospital. Please ask a pastoral care staff member for details.A Quiet Room is located on the ground floor of the hospital, just off the main foyer. Everyone is welcome to use this facility.

Research at St Vincent's

The employees at St Vincent's are often involved in research studies which evaluate new treatments, or look at ways to improve existing treatments and care.During your stay you may be approached to join a research study. If so, a full explanation will be given to you so you can decide whether or not you wish to participate. Your support for research is appreciated.

Special Circumstances

No Medicare Card

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne is a public healthcare facility. All patients who use this facility must present a valid Medicare card in order to receive services free of charge.

You may be classed as a Medicare Ineligible Patient if you are an overseas visitor who does not have asylum seeker or refugee status, or if you are from a country that Australia does not have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with.

As a Medicare Ineligible Patient, you will be required to pay costs incurred for all medical treatment received. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate finances to cover the cost of your healthcare. Health or travel insurance cover may enable you to claim reimbursement. Patients who do not have a valid Medicare card or are not eligible for Medicare benefits will need to organise payment with our Overseas and Compensable Patient Accounts Department in advance of elective procedures, or prior to discharge in emergency situations. 


Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

If your hospital attendance is related to a transport accident you are entitled to lodge a claim with TC. Please visit for more information.


Worksafe Victoria

If your hospital attendance is related to a workplace accident or injury you are entitled to lodge a claim through WorkSafe Victoria. You will need to provide your claim number and employer details to hospital staff in order for all associated accounts to be forwarded for payment. Please visit for more information.


For further information on any of the above please contact:

Patients Accounts Officer

Telephone: (03) 9288 2893


Department of Veteran Affairs

Veteran Affairs card holders can be eligible for entitlements in treatment and care for certain conditions at the expense of the Department of Veteran Affairs. Patients should present their Veteran Affairs card whenever visiting St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. For assistance to confirm your status or entitlements please contact our Patient Accounts Manager or visit


For further information please contact:

The Patients Accounts Manager 

Telephone: (03) 9288 3360


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St Vincent's is a university teaching hospital for clinical students training in medicine and other healthcare disciplines. We appreciate your cooperation in allowing students to see you a part of their clinical training program. You are, of course, entitled to decline to participate. Your support of our hospital trainees is greatly appreciated.

Telephones and Television

St Vincent's telephones work on phone cards and our televisions are free to use.You can choose to have a direct dial-in telephone number so that your family and friends can ring you directly. You may also choose to access free-to-air TV stations and a selection of pay TV stations.Information to help you set up your telephone and television account is available when you are admitted to the hospital. St Vincent's encourages your family and visitors to help you with this.

Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS)

  • Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) covers some travel and accommodation costs incurred by rural Victorians when they travel more than 100 kilometres one way for specialist medical treatment.
  • To be eligible, patients must live in a designated rural area and not be undergoing clinical trials or accessing allied healthcare.
  • An approved medical specialist or authorised officer must sign the claim form.
  • Please contact the VPTAS office on 1300 737 073 or if you have any questions.


St Vincent's has a number of volunteers who support staff, patients and family members. Volunteers undertake a range of tasks throughout the hospital and wear an identification badge and St Vincent's volunteers' vest.'Angels' are specially trained volunteers who provide companionship to patients identified as being at risk of falling. Angels assist with supervision by sitting with patients and reducing anxiety through distraction and diversion. 'Angels' have also been trained by Speech Pathology and are able to assist identified patients with their meals.

Your Say

As part of St Vincent's quality improvement process you may be contacted by phone or mail when you return home. Satisfaction surveys help us to find out what we are doing well and how we can improve.


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