Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Do you need an interpreter?
St Vincent’s has staff interpreters who provide free, confidential interpreting in Greek, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka), Vietnamese, Italian and Arabic. Other languages are also available on request. Please speak to a St Vincent’s staff member to arrange an interpreter for your appointment if necessary.

To book an interpreter for your appointment please call: 9231 3475 or email


Booking an interpreter at St Vincent's Clinics
Please ensure your doctor requests an interpreter when making a referral for you to see a specialist at St Vincent’s Clinics. You may also request an interpreter when you make your appointment. Interpreters are available to patients with a valid Medicare card.


If you cannot come to your appointment please call St Vincent’s Clinics on (03) 9288 3475 and cancel your interpreter booking as well.


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