GSSE Education


Have you placed Robbins, Ganong, West's, Rohens and Lasts in front of you to study and felt completely overwhelmed? St Vincent’s Melbourne Pre-SET Society is here to help.

 The Generic Surgical Sciences Exam (GSSE) is mandatory for entrance into most surgical speciality training programs. Previous surgical residents have found the anatomy component the most enjoyable and easy to study, however often physiology and pathology are unfamiliar and challenging.

 We have designed an intensive three day education program to kick start those difficult subjects. The lectures are based on subjects that have the greatest weight in the exam, thus the highest yield for your study.

We will gratefully be assisted by senior staff at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, who will run expert lectures on important topics.

Are you an intern not sure what field of medicine you want to pursue? Or are you a BPT or critical care streamed resident with your own exams coming up? Or are you a medical student struggling with physiology and pathology? YOU ARE ALL WELCOME! We've found JMOs from all disciplines found our education course to be beneficial to their study, as most career paths whether medical or surgical, require a good foundation in the basic sciences.

We hope that those attending this education session gain useful information that will assist them in their success sitting the GSSE, or for future exams in any discipline.

Location and Date

The course generally runs over 3 weekends, with different formats depending on the year. Due to coronavirus the course is currently on hold, and we will be in contact about future course dates in due course. Keep up to date via our facebook page.

- Day 1 Physiology:
- Day 2 Pathology
- Day 3 Microbiology/Pharmacology/Statistics

Location: St Vincent's Hospital Clinical School Melbourne

Time: Runs from 9am to 4:30pm each day of the course


A professionally printed booklet of lecture slides will be provided to help with your notes on the day and ongoing study.

Morning tea and lunch will also be provided each day, along with coffee and regular sugar hits to keep you going!


Our lecturers have created their talks and slides around the RACS GSSE syllabus and previous MCQs to ensure the content is relevant for your GSSE study.

We have also taken on board feedback from previous events to continue to provide the most relevant lectures to aid your GSSE study.

- Principles of cellular physiology
- GI physiology
- Cardiovascular physiology
- Respiratory physiology
- Renal physiology

- Cellular responses to stress and toxins
- Neoplasia
- Haemostasis and thrombosis
- Acute inflammation and innate immunity
- B cell immunity
- T cell immunity

- Endocrine physiology
- Common medications
- Statistics
- Microbiology
- Antibiotics
- Pharmacokinetics


Prices vary yearly and will be advertised with course dates on our facebook page.

Ticket sales will close Monday midnight prior to each day, so it's best to purchase now!
You can purchase tickets to the entire three day course, or alternatively each day can be purchased separately.

Reminder emails and instructions of how to get the location will be sent in the lead-up to each course.