After Placement

Make up Shifts

In the event of an unanticipated absence resulting in lost placement time, we endeavor to provide an opportunity for a makeup shift, subject to collaboration with your education provider. We encourage you to initiate discussions regarding your requirements with your allocated educator as the primary point of contact. They will liaise with the Pre-registration Coordinator to arrange supplementary placement time through your education provider.

While we strive to accommodate makeup shifts whenever feasible, please note that this may not always be possible. However, rest assured that we will make every effort to assist you in achieving your required placement hours should any time be missed.

Placement Evaluation

Upon the completion of clinical placement, you will be offered the opportunity to contribute feedback regarding your placement experience. This feedback mechanism serves as a pivotal tool in our ongoing efforts to enhance the support rendered to undergraduate students. Rest assured, your feedback is treated with utmost confidentiality and is invaluable in our continuous improvement endeavors. Your participation in this process is greatly appreciated.

Can I use the educators as a referee?

Our education team is readily available to assist you with your future clinical position job applications. Should you require a reference, we kindly ask that you seek approval from the pertinent educator before disclosing their details. For reference requests, we encourage you to utilize the following email address:, ensuring to include the educator's name in the subject title of your email for efficient processing.

Further information about our Graduate Nurse Program

If you have found your clinical placement experience with us rewarding and are interested in learning more about our Graduate Nurse Program, please click here for additional details.