Psychiatrists, nurses and allied health professionals from the Asia-Pacific region who have completed formal postgraduate clinical training in psychiatry or mental health either in their countries of origin or abroad are eligible to apply to the program.
Trainees need to have adequate financial support during the period of their training in Australia. Details of the training costs as well as available scholarships for Fellows attending this program are available on application.

The application form is available to download:

For further information or to submit an application please contact the POST Program administrator:

POST Program Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships in various psychiatric specialties have been developed through the POST Program for psychiatrists working in the Asia-Pacific countries. The POST program staff welcome any inquiries for new opportunities for fellowships and scholarships.


Examples include:

Janssen-Cilag Worldwide
For details about the scholarship and application, please contact the Asia-Pacific country Janssen-Cilag offices. The scholarship covers travel, accommodation, training and support costs of the placement in Melbourne, Australia. Applications are processed jointly by the POST Program and the Janssen-Cilag country offices, and all applications need to be submitted by the closing dates of each term intake.