Further learning

As a major teaching organisation, St Vincent’s have an extensive range of programs available during the year for nursing staff to further their professional development.

These range from workshops to postgraduate studies. Further details can be found on our website via this link Continuing Education.

Graduate Study Days

There are four mandatory graduate study days held during the year.

The topics have a strong clinical focus and we aim to incorporate as many practical elements as possible to assist with the transfer and application of learning back to the clinical settings. Throughout the year we ensure that all graduates gain experience in our Human Simulator Centre.

Study days are a great opportunity to catch up and debrief with fellow Graduates

You are welcome to join any of our other study days, courses or programs within the hospital or enrol in a professional development activity offered externally. Prior to enrolling you will need to discuss your request to attend a study day with your NUM.

Human Simulator Centre

St Vincent’s state of the art human simulator is housed within our education centre which is fully equipped with the latest multimedia and virtual training technology. We have two functional SIM rooms.  Our mannequins provide staff with the opportunity to expand their skills in a safe learning environment.
The mannequin closely mirrors the physiological and pharmacological reactions of a human. It breathes, has pulses and can respond to medications, CPR, defibrillation, intubation, ventilation and many other procedures.