Postgraduate Training

Postgraduate Overseas Specialists Training (POST) Program  

A collaboration between St Vincent’s Mental Health and The University of Melbourne


St Vincent’s Mental Health (SVMH) in collaboration with The University of Melbourne, North Western Mental Health and other Area Mental Health Services offers flexible clinical training fellowships in mental health for overseas psychiatrists, nurses and allied health professionals (including occupational therapy, social work and clinical psychology).

Psychiatrists, nurses and allied health professionals from the Asia-Pacific region who have completed formal postgraduate clinical training in psychiatry or mental health either in their countries of origin or abroad are eligible to apply to the program. Fellowships offer the opportunity for first-hand experience of Victorian mental health service delivery.

Throughout our region, human resources remain the most critical asset in mental health services.  There is a growing need for substantial educational and clinical training programs in mental health to meet the shortages of trained professionals and expertise in mental health that currently exist in the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Postgraduate Overseas Specialists Training (POST) Program offers a unique opportunity for mental health professionals to experience and take advantage of the active development of community care in Victoria.  

The POST Program is an integral part of Asia Australia Mental Health (AAMH) which is a consortium of St Vincent’s Mental Health and The University of Melbourne's Department of Psychiatry and the Asialink Centre).  AAMH collaborates on international projects with partners including academic, government, health sector community and peak bodies to improve mental health services and outcomes in the Asia Pacific region. All programs contribute to the Melbourne WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health.

Goals and Aims


The goal of the program is to provide specialised training in psychiatry for mental health professio ...



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POST Staff


There is a range of staff involved in the POST placements as supervisors, consultants, peers and edu ...



The POST Program offers placements with a range of mental health services in Melbourne including St ...

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POST Fellows are leaders from within their own workplace, looking to inspire and guide practical cha ...



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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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