Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Pastoral care is an integral part of holistic care provided at St Vincent’s, focusing on spiritual and emotional support for patients, families and carers at significant times of transitions, illness, grief or loss.

Coming into hospital is a unique experience, whether you are a patient or a visitor. It may be a time of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. You may find yourself in a state of transition and start to think more deeply about your life and what is important to you. Whatever situation you find yourself in, sharing your story and feeling listened to with compassion and respect can help ease the burden of illness, help you cope with the situation and give a glimpse of a new possibilities.

Our care is most often delivered through attentive and reflective listening and seeks to identify your own spiritual resources –values, hopes and dreams, concerns and fears that collectively accompany you on a health care journey

We are respectful of all beliefs, religious traditions and cultures.

While at St Vincent's you are invited to use our Pastoral Care Service by calling (03) 9288 3716 or by asking a staff member to arrange a visit from a Pastoral Practitioner.

On request a Catholic Chaplain and Sacramental Ministry is available each day plus representatives from other faith traditions. 


Please listen when I talk, but don’t only listen with your ears, because if you do, you might not hear all I’m saying, for I do not only talk with my mouth.

Listen with your eyes. Look at me, watch me. My actions may be saying more than my words. You must listen with your eyes because I speak with my eyes. My eyes are the mouthpiece of my inner self, and the inner me is the real me, the me I need you to know.

Listen with your mouth. I need to know you are hearing me, that you are interested, that you care.

Most of all, listen with your heart, for I talk mainly with my heart.

My voice might say, ‘How are you, what are you doing?’ and your ears may hear this. But my heart might be yelling, ‘Ask me how I am, get me to talk, I need to talk!’

If you don’t listen with your heart you won’t hear this, and I will be afraid to really talk to you. But if you listen with your heart you will hear this, and I will talk and you will listen, and the rainbow will seem to have more colour.

Keri Nordling


St Vincent’s Main Hospital and Caritas Christi Hospice, Fitzroy

Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Tel: 03 9231 3716


Contact the St Vincent's switchboard on 03 9231 2211 and ask for Pastoral Care to be paged.

After hours for Catholic chaplain ring switchboard on 03 9231 2211

Caritas Christi Hospice, Kew

Monday to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm

Tel: 03 9231 5000  and ask for Pastoral Care to be paged 

St George’s and residential aged care

Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Tel: 03 9231 8444 and ask for Pastoral Care to be paged

After Hours: 03 9231 8444 and ask for the After Hours Coordinator to contact a chaplain


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