Continence Clinic

Continence Clinic offers a multidisciplinary team approach to the assessment and management of bladder and bowel dysfunction and is available for all patients >18 years.

The team includes continence nurses, physiotherapists, geriatricians and is able to refer onto additional Allied Health programs. 

Clinics are located at Kew and Fitzroy.

GP Referrals:

  • In addition to full demographic information, medications and past history, GP referrals should include reason for referral including severity, duration of symptoms and past treatments tried.
  • Enquiries Tel: 1300 131 470 #1
  • Send referrals to Continence Clinic via Health Independence Program (HIP) Central Fax: (03) 9231 2202

Our Services

Clients to our service are offered a comprehensive assessment with the aim of identifying underlying factors contributing to the bladder or bowel problem. Our team aims to treat and resolve any issues, however if this is not possible we aim to maximise comfort and dignity for the individual, with the use of various aids and appliances.
There is no charge for our service, and although not absolutely necessary we prefer a referral from a GP or Allied Health clinician.

Our Location

Clinics are located at Kew and Fitzroy.

Referral Information

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Aged Care and Community Services area

Useful Links

General information about bladder and bowel control is available from

Contact Us

Contact our clinic via Tel:  (03) 9231 8577 or Fax: (03) 9231 2202