Geriatric Medical Clinic (GMC)

Service overview

The Geriatric Medical Clinic provides Geriatrician assessment and management for older people (generally 65 years old +) including:

  • Managing complex physical, mental and social issues
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Identifying the cause of physical or mental decline
  • Optimising the management of multiple medical problems
  • Diagnosis and management of medical problems
  • Medication Review

The service does do not provide long term follow up.

Team members

The team comprises Geriatricians, and Key Workers who come from a variety of nursing and allied health backgrounds.

Service delivery

The Geriatric Medical Clinic operates at St George’s Hospital on a Monday afternoon.

Eligibility criteria

Inclusion Criteria

  • Older (generally 65 years+)
  • Client can manage the with demands of 1.5 hour assessment
  • Service boundaries are flexible and client can reside out of area
  • Clients assessed as high care but living in a community setting are eligible

Referral process

  • The service is billed via Medicare so a 'comprehensive geriatric assessment' referral is requested.
  • In addition to full demographic information, medications and past history, referrals should include the reason for the referral including severity, duration of symptoms and past treatments tried, recent investigations, relevant specialist and discharge summaries
  • All referrals to be sent to our HIP Central intake unit.
    • Fax: (03) 9231 2202
    • Email:

Contact details

  • Enquiries ph: (03) 9231 8577