Hospital in the Home (HITH) at the Sr Francesca Healy Cottage

Service overview

The Cottage is a 5-bed, on-site facility at the Fitzroy campus, specialising in caring for homeless persons or those at risk of homelessness. This is a shared-care model between HITH and Assessment, Liaison & Early Referral Team (ALERT)/Health Independence Program (HIP) Complex Care allowing for acute care to be delivered in conjunction with case coordinators, specialised in homelessness and people facing addiction and social vulnerability. 

Team members

  • Nursing
  • Personal care workers
  • Care coordinators/discharge support
  • Medical
  • Pharmacist
  • Lived experience worker - homelessness
  • Administration
  • Allied Health can be accessed as required

Service delivery

  • 7 days per week
  • Nursing support 0800-1630
  • Personal care worker support 24/7
  • Out of hours support via HITH on-call nurse and consultant

Eligibility criteria

  • Patients experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness
  • Haemodynamically stable
  • Able to attend to personal ADLs
  • Consenting to Cottage admission and compliance with the Cottage rules
  • Must be independently mobile (steep ramp and stair access only)
  • Not at risk of acute withdrawal

Referral process

  • Internal SVHM referrals are made and managed via the Electronic Patient Journey Board
  • External referrals can be made via fax 9231 3848 or email

Contact details

  • Reception/administration 92313817
  • NUM 0458857446
  • Cottage office phone 92312413, fax 92312423

GPs, please note, as this is an admitted service, HITH will provide all medical care to the patient at home. If patients choose to consult with you whilst under the care of this program, they are not eligible for Medicare rebates for services you provide as they are still considered inpatients of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.