Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Service

                                         PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS NOT CURRENTLY TAKING REFERRALS

The Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Clinic is available to people living in the municipalities of Boroondara, Yarra and Darebin (south of Bell Street). 

An Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment may be necessary if:

  • A medical condition(s) is present that may affect a person’s ability to drive safely (eg.  physical injury, head injury, disability, dementia, stroke or psychiatric condition)
  • Physical or mental skills may have changed since a driver licence was first obtained
  • Police have made a report to Vic Roads after a motor vehicle accident 

In assessing medical fitness to drive, Vic Roads may request licence holders provide medical and/or specialist report(s).  Pending the outcome of these reports, licence holders may be requested to undertake an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment to determine if any medical condition(s) and/or disabilities impact their fitness to drive. Vic Roads will advise licence holders in writing if they are required to undertake an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment.

Our Location

St Vincent’s Community Rehabilitation Services operate from two centres. 


St George’s Hospital 

283 Cotham Road, Kew 3101



440 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield 3078

Clinic Times

9.00am - 4.00pm - Wednesday and Thursday 


The cost for the Occupational Therapist includes both the off-road and on-road appointments.
Occupational Therapy Hospital fee:  $220 (Pensioners $200)
Driving Instructor and car fee:  ($120-$130)
There is no Medicare subsidy for these fees.

Referral Information

All referrals to the Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Clinic require a medical report form completed by a medical practitioner.

The Occupational Therapist is able to complete car assessments only, but not truck or motorbike assessments.

The Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is conducted over two separate appointments.

  1. The off-road assessment involves an interview regarding driving and medical history, physical assessment, vision assessment and road law knowledge assessment. 
  2. The on-road assessment is conducted in a dual controlled driving school vehicle (automatic or manual).  Following the assessment a report describing your driving and the recommendations made by the Occupational Therapist is sent to Vic Roads Medical Review.  


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