For Patients and Visitors

Since 1932, the St Vincent’s Hospital Social Work Department has been committed to reducing the impact of health issues and hospital admissions on the wellbeing and social circumstances of patients, their families and carers.  Social work aims to strengthen the development of human potential and the fulfilment of human needs by providing assistance with personal, emotional, social and practical concerns. Social workers are committed to:

  • Providing compassionate care that supports people to improve their personal and social wellbeing on discharge from hospital
  • Service provision that emphasises equitable access to health services and focuses on person centred care to improve health outcomes and adjustment to illness.

Social workers are qualified professionals who work closely with the medical, nursing and allied health teams. They serve patients, their families, carers and the broader community to develop care plans and prevention strategies appropriate to a person’s unique care needs.

Visit this page for more information about the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Aboriginal Health Unit.

Our Services

We work with patients, families and carers with a range of issues that may arise during a hospital admission. Social work provides a service that considers the person’s medical conditions, changed health needs and the psychosocial impacts of the admission. In partnership with the patient, family, carer, medical, nursing and allied health teams, social workers can provide information, support and assistance on issues that may include:


Referral Information

For health professionals wishing to refer a patient to the Social Work Department, please fax referral to 9231 3439 or call reception 9231 3436 to discuss further.


Accommodation, transport expenses and visitor services


Aboriginal Health and Legal Support


Aged care


Children, young people and families




Culturally and Linguistically Diverse


Cyber and Social Media Safety




Family violence




Guardianship and Administration




Human trafficking and modern slavery



Mental Health


Support for specific health conditions


Support for specific situations


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