For Health Professionals

The Prosthetic and Orthotic Department provides prosthetic and orthotic services to patients with many different pathologies.

  • Assessment of individual patient needs is conducted.
  • Prostheses and orthoses are prescribed to meet individual patient needs.
  • Devices are either manufactured within the P&O Department or are sourced elsewhere.
  • Information and education about the device is included in all treatment.
  • Consultation with other medical and allied health professionals is undertaken.
  • Services are provided at the Fitzroy campus, St George’s Hospital and Caritas Christi Hospice

Our Services

The prosthetic service includes:
Prosthetic management of all levels of limb amputation.

Immediate post-operative care and prosthetic rehabilitation for new amputees, including the application of rehabilitation (temporary) limb prostheses and removable rigid dressings when appropriate.

Ongoing long term prosthetic management of amputees through Amputee Clinic, including reviews of and repairsof definitive prostheses as well as replacement of prostheses when appropriate.

Referral Information

Inpatient Referrals at Fitzroy and St George's Hospital

For non-urgent referrals, refer via the Electronic journey board

For urgent referrals (Emergency Department, acute spinal fractures and patients due for discharge) page 1198.

Inpatient Referrals at Caritas Christi


Inpatient referrals can be made by any treating health care professional within St Vincent's.

Please note: Orthotic devices are only provided if related to current inpatient admission.

Outpatient Referrals


  • Patients may be referred by any treating health care professional within St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
  • Complete an Allied Health Outpatient Referral in full and send via internal mail


  • Patients may be referred by any treating health care professional within St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
  • We also accept referrals for our Victorian Artificial Limb Program (VALP) for amputees who are not currently seen within St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
  • A letter including detailed medical history is required
  • If the amputee is currently seen at a VALP clinic, their referral must be made by the Prosthetist or Rehabilitation Physician from that clinic

Outpatient referrals can be made by St Vincent's / St George's outpatient clinics and allied health professionals. 

 All referrals (inpatient and outpatient) will be triaged for priority. 


Prosthetic and Orthotic Department
Bolte Wing
14 Nicholson Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Postal address:
PO Box 2900
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Phone: (03) 9231 3837 (if you have a St Vincent’s UR number, please have it ready when you call)