For Patients, Visitors and Referrers

Physiotherapists are experts in the management of movement disorders. In the hospital setting, physiotherapists work in a variety of areas e.g. Orthopaedics, Neurology, Cardiorespiratory, Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Geriatrics and Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH). At St Vincent’s, our physiotherapists provide a range of therapies to assist patients to maintain or restore their function. The Physiotherapy department provides clinical services across a spectrum of acute, sub-acute and outpatient services at St Vincent’s Hospital, St George’s Hospital and other community centres.

Our Services

Inpatient services

St Vincent's Hospital (acute and sub-acute)

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy 3065

St George’s Hospital (sub-acute)

283 Cotham Road, Kew 3101


Outpatient Musculoskeletal Service, Fitzroy

Referrals accepted:

1. St Vincent’s health inpatient wards, emergency department or outpatient clinics for patients presenting with:

  • Acute musculoskeletal conditions
  • Orthopaedic surgical presentations.

Internal referrals should be faxed to 92313808 and the original referral sent to Bolte Reception, Ground Floor, Building F (Bolte Wing).

2. Other public hospitals for patients with orthopaedic trauma conditions only, with the following information required:

  • Minimum Patient Identification Set (name/address/D.O.B/preferred contact no./ NOK- alternative contact number)
  • Date and source of referral + referrer/s contact details
  • Medicare or other billing information
  • Need for interpreter and language required
  • Patient and/or family consent to attend this service
  • Reason for referral: working diagnosis / goal of treatment
  • Restrictions or specific orders ( weight bearing, next review date etc)
  • Any other relevant current or past medical history and/or investigations

Note: Referrals with insufficient information to facilitate either registration or triage will be returned with a request for additional information which may delay access to services.

3. For St Vincent’s health employees with musculoskeletal conditions from St Vincent’s medical or allied health staff or their GP.   

4. For employees in the Early Intervention Program for Worksafe.

Please fax referral to 92313808 or phone any referral enquiries to 92313805

Clinic exclusions:

Referrals not accepted in this clinic include:

  • From GP or external medical consultations
  • NDIS clients
  • Requests for long term treatment or maintenance programs of chronic conditions
  • Patients cannot self-refer to this clinic.

Referrals not accepted will not be on-referred. These will be declined and returned with acknowledgement.

Alternative options for referrers:

Many St Vincent’s patients reside and work too distant from the Fitzroy campus to practically attend. There is no option for medical transport and no domiciliary service. Patients must be able to make their own way via public or private transport

For these and for declined referrals please consider alternative options including:

  • Local community health services*
  • Local community rehabilitation services*
  • Inpatient rehabilitation services*
  • Private physiotherapy providers

* for patients requiring multidisciplinary care

Patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions are eligible (via GP referral) for up to 5 treatments per year with allied health services including private physiotherapy providers via the Medicare funded Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program.


Triage of incoming referrals occurs within 1-3 business days of arrival and appointments are timed according to priority and/or protocol of rehabilitation. Patients will be informed of the outcome of their referral within 8 days.

Clinic Overview

This clinic is located in the physiotherapy department, ground floor Bolte wing (building F). It is staffed by physiotherapists grades 1-4. It is also a teaching clinic and patients may also be allocated to undergraduate or post graduate students.

Physiotherapy will be time limited, goal focussed and agreed in collaboration with the patient.

Delivery of physiotherapy may include individual treatment, group based programs, hydrotherapy, telehealth or telephone consultations.