Frequently Asked Questions

Expected time to be in the hospital to complete procedure

  • Please allow 4-6 hours to complete admission, procedure, and discharge 

  • Patients can arrive by private or public transport. 



  • Drop off /pick up: There is a 20 minutes loading zone outside the Main Hospital, opposite the Taxi rank.

  • Longer parking: Parking places can be found around the Melbourne Museum and the hospital multi-storey underground parking.

How to find us

  • Enter the hospital through the main entrance at Building A - Main Hospital, located in Princes Street off Nicholson Street. 

  • Take the lift to the first floor, follow the sign to Day Procedures and register at the reception desk.

Accommodation assistance 

If patients require accommodation assistance please call hospital switch (03) 9231 2211 and ask to speak to:

  • Leondra Petrongolo - Page number #105


Escort home and important discharge instructions 

  • It is essential that patients have an adult to accompany them home by car or taxi when discharged.

  • It is essential that patients have an adult to stay one night with them at home when discharged. 

  • Patient's procedure will be cancelled if they are unable to make suitable transport arrangements for going home.

  • Patients cannot take public transport home. 

  • If patients have been asked to go back to their GP for follow up/further management, they must adhere to these instructions! For instance a common instruction given is to ask patients to return to their GP within 4 weeks of their procedure to review their procedure results.


Important things to bring/do before procedure

Patients please bring the following items to admission:

  • Medicare Card

  • Health insurance details, if any

  • Health Care Card, if eligible for healthcare assistance.

  • Veteran's Affairs details, if applicable

  • Full/part pension number, if applicable

  • WorkCare or TAC information with employer details and claim number, if applicable

  • Referral letters

  • Pathology results or past scope reports

  • Current medications

  • Pharmaceutical entitlement number

  • Telephone numbers of two family members or friends who can be contacted if necessary

  • Please do not wear make-up or nail polish, and do not bring valuables such as money or jewellery.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or slippers and loose clothing. Pyjamas and dressing gowns are not required. All necessary clothing will be provided.


Management of co-existing health conditions

a)    Diabetes management



  • Please call our Gastroenterology Registrar (03) 9231 2211 for further clarification or questions.

b)    Anticoagulation


  • Aspirin that is prescribed by your doctor should be continued. 

  • Other blood thinners including Clopidogrel (Plavix), Warfarin, Rivaroxaban (Xarelto), Apixaban (Eliquis) must be discussed at our Specialists Clinics to decide whether medication(s) is changed before the procedure.


  • Please call our Gastroenterology Registrar (03) 9231 2211 for further clarification or questions.


What can patients expect after their procedure

Patients may feel slightly drowsy after the procedure, and for 24 hours patients must not:

  • Work

  • Drive a vehicle

  • Operate machinery

  • Exercise

  • Drink alcohol

  • Take sedatives, unless prescribed

  • Sign any important legal documents

  • Engage in any social activities


What happens when patients leave the Hospital after a procedure

  • When patients leave they will receive instructions with advice on activity, eating, drinking, bathing and dressing, as well as who to contact if problems arise.

  • If patients have any difficulties after leaving St Vincent’s, please call Emergency on (03) 9231 4365.


Why is it important to use St. Vincent's Pathology if you are a St. Vincent's patient 

  • If the patient requires pre-testing (e.g. warfarin levels or iron studies) before their procedure, we strongly recommend patients access one of our pathology centre to minimise any unnecessary delays and waiting times. 

  • Patients will NOT be out of pocket for pathology testing because our billing policy for outpatients is to Bulk Bill direct to Medicare. 

  • To find the nearest pathology centre please call: (03) 9231 2888 or click here: St. Vincent's Pathology