Respiratory and Sleep

St Vincent’s Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Referrals are welcomed for patients with the full range of chronic respiratory and sleep disorders including:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Pulmonary fibrosis, TB, pulmonary hypertension
  • Sleep apnoea 
  • Lung cancer (weekly multidisciplinary meetings)

St Vincent’s does not provide an allergy service. 

Our Team

Dr Matthew Conron
Director of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Tel: (03) 9231 3128

Dr Andrew Kyoong    
Director of Sleep Medicine


Dr Piers Canty    
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Eve Denton    
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Harry Georgiou
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Jhanavi Iyer
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Julie McDonald
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Chong Weng Ong
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Naghmeh Radhakrishna
Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Laina Sheers
Respiratory and Sleep Physician


Sarah Matthews
Respiratory Educator
Tel: (03) 9231 3131 Wednesday & Thursday

Referral Information

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area


Airways Clinic

Referrals are welcomed for patients with asthma and COPD for:

  1. Review of symptom control and exacerbation frequency.
  2. Advice on best treatment, adherence, inhaler technique, action plans, pulmonary rehabilitation and more.
  3. Biological agents eg. omalizumab and mepolizumab for severe asthma.
  4. Skin prick testing and advice on immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis.

Please fax referrals to (03) 9231 3138

Special Chest Clinic (TB Clinic)

Referrals are welcomed for patients with TB of the lungs, mediastinum or pleura.

Combined Lung Clinic (Lung Cancer Clinic)

Referrals are welcomed for patients with existing or suspected lung or pleural cancer. This is a multidisciplinary clinic of respiratory physicians, thoracic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, respiratory nurse consultant, pathologist and radiologists.

For urgent referrals to the Combined Lung Clinic please contact the switchboard on Tel: (03) 9231 2211 and ask for the Respiratory Registrar (pager 670).

Sleep Disorders Clinic

Referrals are welcomed for patients with sleep disorders, including evaluation of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Respiratory Laboratory

Lung function tests can be ordered by GPs.

In addition to the laboratory at St Vincent's Fitzroy there are branch labs at Werribee Mercy Hospital and St George's Hospital, Kew.

Bookings and enquiries: Tel: (03) 9231 3133 or (03) 9231 3134

Spirometry referral forms
For chronic respiratory disease management or care coordination refer to Restoring Health (HARP–CDM) or call 1300 131 470.

Pre-Referral Requirements

Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Pre-Referral Guidelines



Required investigation: Respiratory function tests - Spirometry

These can be arranged through the Department of Respiratory Medicine

Refer to Respiratory Specialist Clinic


Required investigation: Spirometry

Refer to Respiratory Specialist Clinic

Chronic Cough > 8 weeks

Radiology reports and list of medications/inhaled therapy already tried must be included with the referral 

Patient must have hard copy films or CD of any current radiology in their possession. Reports without actual images will delay the  patient's assessment .

Request urgent appointment or consider referral to Emergency Department if any red flag symptoms including: Haemoptysis, new onset breathlessness, stridor, suspected TB, chest pain.   

Sleep Apnoea

Detailed list of all medical problems and current medications must be included with the referral. Please also include completed Epworth Sleepiness Score sheet  

Refer to Sleep Clinic.  Request urgent appointment if recent history of fall-asleep motor vehicle accident.  Please note that there is no direct referral for sleep studies without prior assessment by sleep physician

Home Oxygen Referral

Required Investigation: Arterial blood gases (ABG's) and 6 minute walk test (6MWT). 6MWT can be arranged through the Department of Respiratory Medicine. ABG's can be arranged through most Pathology providers

Refer to Respiratory Specialist Clinic

Suspected lung cancer/suspicious lung nodules on CT chest

Required Investigation: The patient must bring either hard copy images or a CD of any current and previous chest radiology to the first appointment. Providing reports alone without images may significantly delay the patient's assessment

Referral Pathway: For urgent triage of referrals involving suspected lung cancer FAX referral to 9231 3138

Tel: (03) 9231 2211 - Respiratory Registrar via Switchboard or 

Lung Cancer Nurse  Tel: (03) 9231 3325 

Clinic Times

Sleep Disorders Clinic – Tuesday 2.00pm

Respiratory Medicine – Wednesday 1.00pm

Airways Clinic – Thursday 2.00pm

Combined Lung Cancer Clinic (multidisciplinary lung oncology) - Friday 10.00am

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Fax referrals: (03) 9231 3489

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Health Pathways

HealthPathways Melbourne is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.


Please Note:
This is a public outpatient service. All patients need to be referred to us by a GP. Please see your GP if you believe you would benefit from a referral to this clinic. Many doctors have private consulting suites as well as working in the public hospital system. This is entirely separate from St Vincent’s and our staff do not have any information about the private consulting practices of doctors.