The Department of Nephrology provides the spectrum of care for people with renal disorders throughout Victoria. The team comprises specialist nurses, renal consultants, transplant and renal access surgeons, social work, mental health liaison support, dietician and nurse practitioners. 

Our Team

Prof Frank Ierino

Director of Nephrology

Dr Hilton Gock


Dr Doreen Fang

A/Prof David Goodman
Dr John Katsoulis
Dr Petrova Lee
Dr Marc Lanteri
Dr Grant Flanagan
Dr Veena Roberts
Dr Sven Jean Tan
Mr Ian Michell
Transplant Surgeon

Our Services

The renal care unit encompasses the following services.

5 specialist outpatient clinics caring for patients: 

  • On dialysis 
  • With renal impairment
  • Choosing supportive treatment over dialysis
  • Post-transplant and transplant work-up 
  • Needing renal access 

Kidney Transplantation: 

  • Deceased donor
  • Live donor
  • Pre-emptive transplant
  • Post combined kidney pancreas
  • Outpatient clinic


  • In-centre and on-call acute  
  • Satellite (metropolitan and country)
  • Home dialysis (peritoneal and home haemodialysis)
  • Nocturnal

Supportive care:

  • In partnership with Palliative Care
  • Providing specialist care for patients who choose not to receive dialysis 

Award winning patient focused dialysis service:

  • Nocturnal dialysis at St George's Health Service in Kew

(2013 Healthcare Innovation in Excellence in person-centred care)

Partnership with country healthcare providers: 

  • Shepparton, Kyabram, Sale, Warrnambool and Swan Hill Mentoring for nursing and medical staff
  • Specialist clinics (renal access, transplantation)
  • Complex patient care needs

Other Initiatives:

  • Research: Pexivas, SHARP-ER, Dialysis Optimal Health Program
  • Nurse practitioners: Two nurse practitioners caring for satellite (metropolitan and rural) dialysis patients
  • Pre-dialysis education: In-home education, group sessions both metropolitan and country, Telehealth
  • Surgical services: Renal access (elective and urgent), transplantation
  • Social work: Support in acute and outpatient setting and over the phone
  • Dietician: Support in acute setting, outpatient clinic, on commencement of dialysis and over the phone.

Referral Information

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area

Please Note: Please include recent U&E, FBE and MSU with referral

Clinic Times

  • Wednesday am (alternate weeks)

Contact Us

Patient Enquiries:    

(03) 9231 3475

Fax: (03) 9231 3489


GP Enquiries:

(03) 9231 2898


Case Coordinator Nurse: 

(03) 9231 3431


Referral Officer:

(03) 9231 3419

Health Pathways

HealthPathways Melbourne is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.


Please Note:
This is a public outpatient service. All patients need to be referred to us by a GP. Please see your GP if you believe you would benefit from a referral to this clinic. Many doctors have private consulting suites as well as working in the public hospital system. This is entirely separate from St Vincent’s and our staff do not have any information about the private consulting practices of doctors.