Referrals are welcomed for patients with general haematological disorders including: 

  • Lymphomas 
  • Chronic leukaemia 
  • Multiple myeloma 
  • Anaemia  
  • Thrombotic and general bleeding disorders. 

An MBS General Haematology clinic is also provided. 

Our Team

A/Prof Constantine Tam  

Director of Haematology

Dr Merrole Cole-Sinclair


Tel: (03) 9231 2030

Dr Robin Filshie 
Head of Clinic, Haematologist
Tel: (03) 9231 4051

Dr Hang Quach
Haematologist (trials)

Dr Newton Lee        

Dr Ali Bazargan  
*Haematologist (trials)

Dr Anne Dykes

Dr Kritika Chaiwatanatorn
All our Haematologists can be contact via St Vincent's Switchboard on Tel: (03) 9231 2211

Referral Information

Urgent Referrals

Patients with one or more of the following should be discussed with a consultant or the clinical haematology registrar (Switchboard 03 9231 2211) and can usually be seen within 24 hours.

  • Suspected acute leukaemia 
  • Rapidly enlarging lymph nodes 
  • Neutrophils < 0.5 x 109/ L, Hb < 80 g/ L or platelets < 20 x 109/ L 
  • Other clinically urgent referrals 

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area

Myeloma Patients

Leukaemia Foundation-Myeloma, A guide for patients and families


Clinical Trials

We have available clinical trials for a number of blood cancers to allow patient to access the latest novel therapeutic agents, esp  for multiple  myeloma and lymphoma.

For enquires please contact Dr Hang Quach in the form below.

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Clinic Times

  • Thursday 9.30am

Contact Us

Patient Enquiries:

Tel: (03) 9231 3475


GP Enquiries:

Tel: (03) 9231 2898
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 4:00pm, or please leave a message.

Fax referrals: (03) 9231 3489


Case Coordinator Nurse:

(03) 9231 3431


Referral Officer:

(03) 9231 3419

Health Pathways

HealthPathways Melbourne is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.


Please Note:
This is a public outpatient service. All patients need to be referred to us by a GP. Please see your GP if you believe you would benefit from a referral to this clinic. Many doctors have private consulting suites as well as working in the public hospital system. This is entirely separate from St Vincent’s and our staff do not have any information about the private consulting practices of doctors.

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