Clinics and Referral Information

Clinical care

The Department of Gastroenterology at St Vincent's Hospital provides a comprehensive range of consultative and diagnostic procedures in gastroenterology.  It has a particular interest in chronic viral hepatitis and other liver diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, therapeutic endoscopy and oesophageal disorders.

Specialist Clinics

General Gastroenterology Clinic

  • The general gastroenterology clinic Is held on Monday afternoons

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinics

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic, St Vincent’s Hospital Campus 

  • The IBD clinic is held on Monday mornings 

Preconception and Pregnancy IBD Clinic, St Vincent’s Hospital Campus

  • The Preconception and Pregnancy IBD Clinic is held on Wednesday mornings
  • Please FAX referral letter to: 9231 3590 Att: Dr Sally Bell
  • Referral criteria: Female patients with inflammatory bowel disease who are pregnant or considering pregnancy
  • Enquiries Dr Emma Flanagan Tel: 9231 2211

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic, Werribee Mercy Hospital Campus

  • The IBD clinic is held on Thursday mornings

Liver Clinics

General Liver Clinic

  • The liver clinic is held on Friday mornings 

Hepatitis Clinic, St Vincent’s Hospital Campus

  • The hepatitis clinic is held on Wednesday mornings 

Hepatitis Clinic, Werribee Mercy Hospital Campus

  • The hepatitis clinic in Werribee is held on Thursday mornings 

HCV treatment – request for consultation for GP prescription of HCV medicines 

Obesity Management Clinic

  • The obesity management Clinic is held on alternate Thursday afternoons

  • Please FAX referrals to: 9231 3590

  • Referral criteria: BMI 35kg/m2 with medical co-morbidities that will improve with weight loss

Referral Information

Referral Templates for Gastrointestinal / Colorectal / Upper Gastrointestinal Specialist Clinics:

Referral of patients to these clinics MUST be made using the templates below:


Endoscopy Referral Guidelines:


Referral Templates for Hepatitis C Treatment Request: 

Hepatits C Treatment - Best Practice

Hepatits C Treatment - Medical Director

Hepatits C Treatment - ZedMed

Remote Consultation Request for Initiation of Hepatitis C Treatment


Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area

Diagnostic Services


  • Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, pillcam, specialized endoscopic procedures including ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound, push enteroscopy, endoscopic stenting, double-balloon endoscopy, HALO radiofrequency ablation, endoscopic mucosal resection, endoscopic surgical dissection 
  • Patients requiring endoscopy must be assessed in gastroenterology clinic prior to the procedure – please refer patients for an appointment
  • Refer to the Endoscopy page for more information

Liver Fibroscan

  • An appointment for a liver fibroscan can be made by completing the Fibroscan Request Formand FAX to: 9231 3590

Oesophageal manometry, pH monitoring

The Department provides a comprehensive oesophageal motility service, including 24 hour pH probe. Appointments can be made by completing the following referral form. If you have an urgent enquiry please call the manometry nurse co-ordinator on 9231 3529

Hepatitis Nurse Consultants

Hepatitis nurse consultants co-ordinate care for our patients with chronic viral hepatitis:

  • Ensure that patients who are treatment candidates or have advanced liver disease are reviewed in a timely manner
  • Provide support to patients undergoing treatment for Hepatitis. 
  • Provide individual education and advice to GPs about hepatitis and the appropriate management 
  • Support GPs to participate in the hepatitis shared care program
  • Co-ordinate GP requests for consultation for prescription of HCV medicines


Tel: 03 9231 2259 / 2171
Fax: 03 9231 359

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse Consultants

IBD nurse consultants co-ordinate care for our patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease being treated with biological agents (anti-TNF therapy):

  • Assess patient’s suitability for biological (anti-TNF) treatment for IBD in compliance with the Medicare guidelines and to ensure patients Receive such appropriate drug treatments
  • Educate patients  adequately regarding biologic therapy for IBD (particularly self-managed), 
  • Monitor patients throughout their course of therapy in consultation with the treating gastroenterologist


Tamie / Kathryn / Stephanie:
Tel: 03 9231 3460
Fax: 03 9231 3644


  • Patient enquiries Tel: 03 9231 3475 
  • GP enquiries Tel: 03 9231 2898
  • FAX referrals to: 03 9231 3489
  • Lead nurse Tel: 03 9231 3325
  • Referral officer Tel: 03 9231 1256