Endocrinology and Diabetes

St Vincent’s Specialist Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinics are multidisciplinary. Care is delivered by diabetes educators, dietitians and podiatrists. We also deliver a retinal screening program. Current patients of St Vincent’s Diabetes Clinic receive diabetes education where necessary as part of their usual care.

Patients with diabetes must have an HbA1c result, electrolytes and fasting lipid profile available at the time of referral. 

Established diabetes patients must have an HbA1C result.     

The Diabetes Clinic only sees patients that have diabetes with a complication or that require complex management. 

Our Team

Prof Richard MacIsaac
Director, Endocrinology / Diabetes
Tel: 9231 3568
A/Prof Glenn Ward
Deputy Director / Head of Clinic
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Carmela Caputo
Tel: 9231 3568
A/Prof Alicia Jenkins 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Caroline Jung 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Bala Krishnamurthy
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Sybil McAuley 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Kylie McLachlan 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Caroline Meyer 
Tel: 9231 3568
A/Prof David O’Neal  
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Nirupa Sachithanandan 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Michelle So

Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Geetha Theverkalam 
Tel: 9231 3568
Dr Howard Zeimer 
Tel: 9231 3568
Mr Stephen Farrell 
Endocrine Surgeon
Tel: 9231 3976
Miss Christina Foley
Thyroid Surgeon
Tel: 9417 4666
Miss Jane Harding 
Endocrine Surgeon
Tel: 8415 1655
Mr Jason Tan
Thyroid Surgeon
Tel: 9418 8162

Referral Information

Adult Diabetes Referral Guide

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area


Endocrine Testing Area External Referral Guide

(St Vincent’s staff to please continue using the internal E-form)

Endocrine Testing Area Nurse: Maresa

Availability:  4 days per week.  Alternate Monday - Thursday / Tuesday - Friday

Time: 8am - 4.30pm

Phone Number: 03 9231 3595

Email personal: maresa.derbyshire@svha.org.au

Fax Number (Referrals): 9231 3677 - Attention to Maresa/ETA nurse (This is NOT the fax number for diabetes referrals -please contact diabetes clinics)

Email (Referrals): SVHM.ETA-referrals@svha.org.au (This is NOT the email for Diabetes referrals - please contact diabetes clinics)

*Note all external referrals, from non St Vincent’s staff, will be discussed with a St Vincent's Endocrinologist prior to testing*

Referral Requirements:

All External Referrals must include the following information

*Referring Specialists name/ Provider Number

*Specialist Location (Hospital/Private)

*Specialist Contact email/ phone number

  • Patient Name
  • Patient contact phone number/email
  • Patient UR St Vincent’s (If available)
  • Patient Main Language (If not English)
  • Patient Test required (Please see list)
  • Patient Current Medications – relevant to the test
  • Patient Medical History
  • Imaging specific to the test requested

Tests Available: (* = script required)

*Aclasta Infusion


Short Synacthen Test (SST)

Autogel Injection (Lanreotide)

(60mg, 90mg, 120mg)

TRH Test

CRH Test

*Vitamin D Injection IM –

(300,000iu OR 600,000iu)

Glucagon Test

Water Deprivation Test

Growth Hormone Sampling

Metyrapone Test

IV Dexamethasone Suppression Test (4mg Dexamethasone)

Mixed Meal Test

OGTT for Growth Hormone

Sandostatin LAR –

(10mg, 20mg, 30mg)

Prolactin Sampling

(15 or 30min)

*Forteo Enrollment

Other- please specify if your test is not on the current list


In-depth Tests:

The following tests are more in-depth tests. They require an attached referral letter, including pathology results, and confirmation their medical imaging (CT/MRI) has been complete.

Images can be T/F to St Vincent’s Public Hospital using the “MIX system – (Medical Imaging Exchange System)


Medical Image required

Insulin Tolerance Test (ITT)

Nil image required

Saline Suppression Test

Nil image

Please be aware specific medication need to be cease prior to this test. Please contact Endo Nurse for list if unsure

Adrenal Vein Sampling (AVS)

CT- Thin Slice Adrenals- Portal Vein (Contrast) 1mm thick

Please be aware specific medication need to be cease prior to this test. Please contact Endo Nurse for list if unsure

Bilateral Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling (BIPSS)

MRI Pituitary - Contrast MRV

Parathyroid Venous Sampling

CT Thin Slice Neck and Chest-

Venous Phase (Contrast)- 1mm thick

Ca+ Stimulation for Insulinoma Localization

CT this slice Abdo-

Arterial Phase- 1mm thick

Ovarian/Adrenal Vein Sampling

CT- Thin Slice Abdo/Pelvis-

Portal Vein (Contrast) 1mm thick





Clinics and Times

  • Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic – Wednesday morning
  • New Patients Diabetes Clinic – Thursday afternoon
  • Combined Pituitary Clinic – Tuesday morning (every second week)
  • High Risk Foot Service – Thursday morning
  • Surgical Endocrine Clinic – Wednesday afternoon
  • Type 1 Clinic – Thursday afternoon (every second week)
  • Islet Transplantation Clinic – Thursday morning
  • Bone Clinic – Friday morning
  • Medical Endocrine Clinic – Wednesday afternoon
  • Familial Endocrine Cancer Clinic – Wednesday afternoon (bimonthly)


Visit the Optometrists Association of Australia or Australian Podiatry Association websites to locate your nearest optometrist or podiatrist. 

Contact Us

Patient Enquiries:

Tel: (03) 9231 3475


GP Enquiries:

Tel: (03) 9231 2898
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 4:00pm, or please leave a message.
Fax referrals: (03) 9231 3489


Case Coordinator Nurse:

Tel: (03) 9231 3431


Referral Officer:

Tel: (03) 9231 3419


For advice from the Diabetes Educator:

Tel: (03) 9231 3675



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Please Note:
This is a public outpatient service. All patients need to be referred to us by a GP. Please see your GP if you believe you would benefit from a referral to this clinic. Many doctors have private consulting suites as well as working in the public hospital system. This is entirely separate from St Vincent’s and our staff do not have any information about the private consulting practices of doctors.