For heart failure disease management or care coordination refer to the Restoring Health team or call 1300 131 470.


Our Team

Senior staff

Associate Professor Andrew MacIsaac – Director of Cardiology, Deputy Chief Medical Officer  

Tel: (03) 9231 4439

Associate Professor David Prior – Deputy Director of Cardiology

Tel: (03) 9231 4439

Professor Robert Whitbourn – Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories 

Tel: (03) 9231 4439


Associate Professor Andrew Burns

Associate Professor Andrew Wilson

Associate Professor Andre La Gerche 

Dr Sonny Palmer

Professor Peter Barlis 

Associate Professor Jack Gutman 

Associate Professor Uwais Mohamed

Dr Alex McLellan

Dr Jennifer Coller

Dr Brendan Flaim 

Dr John Morris Williams

Dr Julian Castro

Dr Louise Creati

Dr Maria Brosnan

Dr Terase Lancefield 

Dr Timothy Roberts

Dr Nimalan Nadarajah

Dr Bala Saravanasubramanian

Dr Arul Baradi

Dr Fei Fei Gong 

Dr Ian Matthews

Dr Ben Costello

Dr Elizabeth Paratz

Dr Khoa Phan



Referral Forms and Guidelines 

Refer to the Specialist Clinics area


Referral to St Vincent's Heart Centre

Please FAX a referral form or letter to: (03) 9231 3333

For any enquiries please contact Heart Centre reception on Tel: (03) 9231 3000

or Tel: (03) 9231 1399 (GP direct access)

Cardiac Investigations

  • Exercise stress test
  • Echocardiogram
  • Exercise stress echo
  • Dobutamine stress echo
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • 24 Hour Ambulatory BP Monitor
  • Holter Monitor (24 or 48 hour)
  • 7 Day event monitor + ECG
  • Pacemaker/ICD check


Referrals for cardiac investigations

Please FAX a referral form or letter to: (03) 9231 3333

Heart Centre GP Referral - Best Practice
Heart Centre GP Referral - Medical Director
Heart Centre GP Referral - ZedMed
Heart Centre GP Referral - Genie

Clinic Times

  • Cardiology – Thursday 1.30pm

Clinics at St Vincent's Heart Centre


The National Heart Foundation also provides information and resources for general practicesand online learning moduleto assist practice nurses and other health professionals to improve cardiovascular care.

Contact Us

Patient Enquiries:    

Tel: (03) 9231 3475

St Vincent's Heart Centre: Tel: (03) 9231 3000


GP Enquiries:

Cardiology Clinic: Tel: (03) 9231 2898. Fax: (03) 9231 3489

St Vincent's Heart Centre: Tel: (03) 9231 1399

Case Coordinator Nurse:

Tel: (03) 9231 1250


Referral Officer:

Tel: (03) 9231 3563

Health Pathways

HealthPathways Melbourne is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.


Please Note:
This is a public outpatient service. All patients need to be referred to us by a GP. Please see your GP if you believe you would benefit from a referral to this clinic. Many doctors have private consulting suites as well as working in the public hospital system. This is entirely separate from St Vincent’s and our staff do not have any information about the private consulting practices of doctors.