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Polio Services Victoria (PSV) was established by the Victorian Government in early 1998 to provide ongoing expertise and support for people who have had polio. 

Polio Services Victoria currently consists of a core allied health team that is available to provide consultations to clients about their healthcare needs. A rehabilitation medicine consultant is also available to consult on polio related medical needs as required. 

Our Team

The team at Polio Services Victoria consists of: 

  • Rehabilitation Physician 
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Social Worker 
  • Orthotist 
  • Allied health assistant 

Our Services

Service objectives

To assist people who have had polio to maximise their independence and participation through the provision of support and to facilitate access to appropriate services and resources for the individual and their families.


The services currently offered by Polio Services Victoria include:

  • Specialist allied health assessment and management for people who have had polio including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and orthotics 
  • Service planning for people who have had polio 
  • Referral to allied health, nursing, medical and surgical services within St Vincent's Hospital 
  • Referral to external health providers as required – this may be for a sleep study, orthosis provision, speech pathology or community health services 
  • Limited outpatient and home-based allied health service provision 
  • Assistance with aids and equipment 
  • Information and advice for people who have had polio and for community service providers 
  • Access to specialist medical assessment and investigations 
  • Clinics in regional Victoria 

Some of our In-house Programs

PSV Gait and Balance Clinics:  

  • Run every Tuesday by PSV Orthotist and Physiotherapist. Provides a comprehensive assessment and referral to appropriate local providers to assist with patient needs.  Some of the orthotic and physiotherapy needs may be managed in-house depending on complexity and availability of clinical time. 

PSV Hydrotherapy sessions:  

  • A 10 week program aimed at assisting patients to learn a program targeted at their specific needs and transitioning them into a local pool to continue the program independently. Runs throughout the year except during public holidays. 

PSV Fatigue management workshops:  

  • We understand that fatigue can be a major issue for polio survivors. PSV offers fatigue management seminars to regional areas and a comprehensive 6 week course within St Vincent’s’ Hospital, both of which run periodically throughout the year. Please see below for dates and locations. 

PSV multi-disciplinary clinics:  

  • Run every fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  The PSV Rehabilitation Physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, Orthotist are in attendance. A General Practitioner's referral is required to facilitate ongoing care and management.  This assists the administrative and clinical team to complete Medicare requirements and to forward a post-clinic recommendation letter to your General Practitioner.  If your letter has expired, you will be requested to obtain a new referral letter.

Referral Information

Referral Forms and Guidelines

Refer to the SACS Referral Form area

  • Sacs Referral Form

Polio Services Victoria only requests GP or medical specialists' referrals for appointments that involve our medical consultant. All of the allied health disciplines are able to see clients without a referral however if healthcare professionals are involved in the care of the client then a referral can be beneficial. All referrals will be assessed in terms of urgency and appointments allocated on this basis.

Send referrals to:
Service Coordinator
Polio Services Victoria
St Vincent's
PO Box 2900
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Fax: (03) 9231 3808


Individual discipline information

(Please use as a guide only as details are subject to change without notice)



  • Referral not mandatory


Occupational Therapy

  • Referral not mandatory



  • Referral not mandatory
  • Significant waiting time for manufacture of orthotic devices


Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Medical referral requested (GP/Specialist)


Social Work

  • Referral not mandatory

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Regional Clinic Dates

PSV delivers services to the whole of Victoria. Listed below are the dates and locations of PSV’s regional clinics

PSV Regional clinics

20/04/2017  - Mildura
14/07/2017 - Ballarat
24/08/2017 - Leongatha
05/10/2017 - Warrnambool
14/12/17     - Bairnsdale
We understand that fatigue can be a major issue for polio survivors. PSV offers fatigue management seminars to regional areas and a comprehensive 6 week course within St Vincent’s’ Hospital, both of which run periodically throughout the year. Please see below for dates and locations.

Fatigue management dates

14/07/2017             Regional seminar                         Ballarat
July/August        27/7/17 – 31/8/17 (Thursdays)   STV
21/09/2017              Regional Seminar                   Healesville
Nov/Dec              2/11/17 – 1/12/17 (Thursdays)   STV



Contact the team and book in for an assessment if you need to have a consult.

Our Location

Polio Services Victoria is located at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne. Clinic appointments are held in the Polio Services Victoria clinic room, on the ground floor of the Bolte Wing (Building F). The Bolte Wing can be accessed directly from Nicholson Street, just north of Victoria Parade (red dot on the map below).


When you arrive at St Vincent's please report to the reception desk (information symbol on map below). The reception staff will notify the appropriate PSV staff member that you have arrived and provide you with further direction as required.


Parking and transport

There are boom gates installed at the entrance to the PSV driveway to improve access to the disabled car spaces near PSV.  The boom gates have helped free up the parking spots, but a space cannot be guaranteed at the time of your appointment.  For more information on how to use the boom gates for patient parking/ drop-off and pick-up, please click here.

Parking near Building F -  Bolte Wing can unfortunately be difficult at times. We recommend that wherever possible clients should be dropped off at the service or take public transport. 


A patient drop-off area is available in front of the Nicholson Street entrance to Building F - Bolte Wing (red dot on the map below).


For further information please feel welcome to contact the service or follow the links to the St Vincent's maps and parking and transport pages.


Tel: (03) 9231 3900 or 1800 030 324

Fax: (03) 9231 3808


Polio Services Victoria (PSV) provides newsletters about what is happening at PSV and if you would like to receive the newsletter please email or telephone (03) 9231 3900.

If you would prefer to receive the newsletter via email please let us know. 

To read the PSV newsletter online follow the links below.   There are also links to other websites relevant to polio both from Australia and around the world and to resources about specific aspects of living with polio that have been produced by PSV.


PSV news 

PSV Resources



Tel: (03) 9231 3900 or 1800 030 324

Fax: (03) 9231 3808

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