Medical leech therapy used to assist with traumatic amputations

19 Feb 2024

Leeches have become a valuable treatment resource for the reconstructive surgical team at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne 

Study explores a novel way to highlight lung cancer during surgery

5 Feb 2024

St Vincent’s was a lead trial site in a project assessing how a fluorescing agent could be used to improve surgical accuracy in finding tumours

World-first clinical trial places St Vincent’s at the forefront of a new era in personalised medicine

25 Jan 2024

Researchers at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) are leading a world-first, multi-centre clinical trial of a personalised treatment approach that ...

Kidney transplant patient celebrates new year with new hope

23 Jan 2024

St Vincent’s has played a key part in giving a Warrnambool man a second chance at life

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s new cellular lab boosts Victorian blood cancer research

18 Jan 2024

A new cellular laboratory at SVHM is supporting the growth of haematology clinical trials.

A life-changing lesson

16 Jan 2024

Richard Thayer discovered first-hand why it’s important to never ignore warning signs when it comes your health

An update from St Vincent's Health Australia

29 Dec 2023

An update from St Vincent's Health Australia

A statement from St Vincent's Health Australia

22 Dec 2023

On Tuesday, 19 December 2023, St Vincent’s Health Australia began responding to a cyber security incident.

Arthritis drug offers potential therapy for Type 1 diabetes

19 Dec 2023

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne was a trial site in a study that hopes to improve life for people with early diagnosed Type 1 diabetes

Victorian Government backs brain monitoring technology led by St Vincent’s clinician-researcher

11 Dec 2023

Breakthrough Victoria invests $2 million in local medtech start-up aimed at improving health outcomes for brain injured patients

Excellence at St Vincent’s in 2023 - from clinical care to leadership

7 Dec 2023

Here are some of our highlights from 2023, which were selected as winners of our annual excellence awards.

Making sure our efforts don’t go to waste!

16 Nov 2023

Learn about how our ICU team is reducing soft plastic waste.

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Heart Centre celebrates 10 years of bolstering public health and expert-led care

10 Nov 2023

The St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne centre has expanded capacity for patients while creating space for experts to turn research into practice.

Diabetes study examines better glucose management for Indigenous Australians

2 Nov 2023

St Vincent’s is a trial site for a study assessing how a wearable monitor could make glucose testing more accessible for First Nations patients with T ...

St Vincent’s haematologists use clinical trials to help blood cancer patients live longer

24 Oct 2023

A look at how St Vincent’s Clinical Haematology Unit is providing critical access to novel treatments.

Tailored dietary therapy improves diet satisfaction for IBD patients

17 Oct 2023

Dietary therapy personalised to patient symptoms and disease state are part of a new holistic approach to tackle inflammatory bowel disease

Allied Health professionals recognised with 2023 Excellence Awards

16 Oct 2023

Health care workers in Allied Health belong to many distinct specialities, each of which plays its own vital role in the health sector.

Tailored programs to support growth of Victoria’s medtech capabilities

12 Oct 2023

ACMD Academy consortium partners will be offering industry-aligned medtech education and training courses

Springtime hay fever, asthma and the importance of symptom management

11 Oct 2023

St Vincent’s clinicians are encouraging people to prepare for thunderstorm asthma season and remain vigilant for both asthma and hay fever symptoms.

Integrating healthcare and housing to improve patient outcomes

10 Oct 2023

A unique partnership aims to break the cycle of chronic homelessness, poor health, hospitalisation and return to homelessness.

Improving the standard of care for men with prostate cancer

3 Oct 2023

Access to a clinical trial has provided SVHM patients with access to a new form of treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

Proud to leading the way on improving accessibility

3 Oct 2023

SVHM has launched it's new Access and Inclusion Plan for People with Disability 2023-2025.

A new standard of care for elderly people with multiple myeloma

20 Sep 2023

St Vincent’s researchers have participated in a new study, exploring a treatment combination that can result in a longer, progression free survival fo ...

Grateful for a second chance – how CPR and defibrillation saved Shakeel’s life

16 Aug 2023

A cardiac arrest survivor has reunited with some of the first responders who came to his aid when he collapsed at Parliament Station, including a St V ...

Dr Laura Ross announced as the 2023 TJ Martin Award winner

10 Aug 2023

Presented to the author of the best PhD thesis completed by a St Vincent’s campus researcher during the past 18 months, this year’s TJ Martin Award ac ...

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne supporting Victoria’s post-pandemic recovery through more surgeries and better patient care

8 Aug 2023

A second surgical site is allowing St Vincent’s to deliver more surgeries to those who had their care deferred during the pandemic

Surgical training program has powerful impact for African communities

8 Aug 2023

A St Vincent’s-led initiative is helping to save lives of patients with heart disease in rural Africa

Study shows rate of sudden cardiac arrest in young people exceeds the demographic’s road toll

7 Aug 2023

A research project has used big data to establish a registry that identifies people at risk for cardiac arrest to help shape prevention and management ...

Call for action as diabetic kidney disease heads towards all-time high

29 Jun 2023

A report co-authored by a St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne clinician-researcher highlights the urgent need for an early screening program to help reduc ...

Meet the St Vincent’s team renowned for tackling skull base, head and neck tumours

26 Jun 2023

A look into what gives our Head & Neck unit its world-class reputation.