A statement from St Vincent's Health Australia

On Tuesday, 19 December 2023, St Vincent’s Health Australia began responding to a cyber security incident.

St Vincent’s immediately took steps to contain the incident, engaged external security experts, and notified all relevant state and federal governments and the necessary agencies.

Late on Thursday, 21 December, St Vincent’s found evidence that cyber criminals had removed some data from our network.

St Vincent’s is working to determine what data has been removed.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

Key activities include securing and containing the incident, understanding what the cyber criminals have done, and identifying what data may have been accessed and stolen.

To date, this incident has not affected the ability of St Vincent's to deliver the services our patients, residents, and the broader community rely on across our hospital, aged care, and virtual and home health networks.

Our priority is the health and safety of our patients, residents, and our people, and the continuity of St Vincent's services for the community.

We thank the Australian Government and our state government partners for their support since first notifying them of the incident.

Members of the public who have any questions about the cyber incident can contact St Vincent's Health Australia's response team via stvincentscybersafety@svha.org.au or via 1300 124 507.