Social media terms of use

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s social media pages are a place for our community to learn about our work and engage with us to find out more. Our social media pages are monitored weekdays from 8am – 5pm.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne aims to ensure that our social media pages are a respectful and inclusive community for everyone. We welcome comments, feedback and ongoing discussion from followers and community members, but we kindly ask you to refrain from posts that resemble the following:

  • Comments or material that could be considered defamatory, indecent, offensive, profane, misleading, or threatening to other users, our organisation or any individual.
  • Comments or material that contain or promote incorrect or inexpert health or wellbeing information or advice. Comments or material that are unlawful or encourage others to break the law.
  • Comments or material related to unlawful behaviour (including accusations of unlawful behaviour) or matters under investigation by police or the legal system.
  • Comments that are inappropriate, off-topic or unintelligible.
  • Comments that breach a person’s privacy or contain inappropriate personal information.
  • Comments or material that have the potential to personally identify an individual, including St Vincent’s staff members or patients. Any posts that include clearly visible faces, likenesses, names or other personal details will be removed.
  • Comments or material posted under a fake identity or on behalf of a suspended or blocked social media user.
  • Negative comments or material related to the portrayal of any person or group based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion or disability. Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling and abuse (on authors, moderators, other users or any individual).
  • Depictions of violence or unsafe behaviour.
  • Spamming, posting promotional material or commercial endorsements, posting the same material repetitively, or posting links to third party websites.
  • Content that breaches any of the terms of any of the social media platforms it is posted on.
  • Any other inappropriate comments or material as determined by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne accepts constructive debate and feedback about our work via its social media pages; however, persistent abuse and misrepresentation will not be tolerated.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne reserves the right to hide or remove any comments that do not abide by these rules and to block any repeat offenders. St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne reserves the right, at its discretion, to turn off comments on any of its social media channels.

St Vincent’s employees participating in discussion on our social media pages are reminded of their obligations under the St Vincent’s Health Australia Social Media Policy.