St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne supporting Victoria’s post-pandemic recovery through more surgeries and better patient care

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Pictured L-R: Premier Daniel Andrews, Nicole Tweddle (Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne), Theresa Heron (Director of Nursing and Operations Manager, St Vincent’s on the Park), Luke Hickey (Nurse Unit Manager, St Vincent’s on the Park), Dr Craig Ironfield (Anaesthetist and Medical Lead, St Vincent’s on the Park), Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas and Professor Benjamin Thompson (Chief Surgical Adviser, Department of Health)

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SHVM) is caring for some of Victoria’s longest-waiting surgical patients at a newly-commissioned second surgical site – the Rapid Access Hub at St Vincent’s Hospital on the Park.

Undertaken in partnership with the Department of Health, the Rapid Access Hub features fit-for-purpose theatres designed to facilitate planned surgery that can be performed quickly, from emergency and acute surgery.

The St Vincent’s Hub has cared for more than 430 patients since its first operating theatre opened in February 2023, and has capacity to deliver up to 10,000 additional procedures annually.

Streamlining the treatment patients need

Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas visited St Vincent’s on the Park ahead of additional operating theatres opening on 14 August.

“Our new Rapid Access Hubs, like the one at St Vincent’s Hospital, are allowing more patients to get the treatment they need sooner and delivering on our long-term plans to deliver more surgery than ever before,” said Premier Daniel Andrews.

“With Rapid Access Hubs, new public surgical centres, upgraded surgical equipment and more training for staff, this isn’t about a blitz – we’re setting up the system to deliver more surgery now and into the future.”

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Pictured: Dr Craig Ironfield with Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas and Premier Daniel Andrews in the recovery area of the new Rapid Access Hub at St Vincent’s on the Park

An ongoing commitment to improving care for Victorians

St Vincent’s was proud to step up and support the state-wide response to the pandemic through services including Victoria’s flagship vaccination centre at The Royal Exhibition Building, a COVID-19 Fever Clinic, the Mobile Immunisation Health Services for homeless and marginalised communities, and aged care facility support.

Now, St Vincent’s remains committed to playing its role in Victoria’s post-pandemic recovery.

The St Vincent’s Rapid Access Hub is one of eight that form part of the State Government’s COVID Catch Up Plan, and supports the streamlining of services, as well as freeing up operating theatres, ward capacity and staff.

Protected from less predictable emergency work, the Hubs perform low complexity and high-volume procedures.

The St Vincent’s Hub focuses on surgeries including cancer screening tests, skin cancer removal tonsillectomy, hand surgeries and endoscopies, as well as prioritising patients with the longest waiting times and extending care to North-East Metro Health Services Partnership patients.