Specialised robotic equipment enabling SVHM surgeons to perform more minimally-invasive procedures

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne has welcomed a new addition to its surgical team – the da Vinci robot.

The da Vinci robot is specialised robotic equipment that is enabling SVHM surgeons to perform minimally-invasive procedures for surgeries that would have otherwise involved in large incisions.

The use of this technology seeks to provide patients with a better surgical and recovery experience, including in some cases, a reduced hospital stay. Due to its less invasive nature, patients can also experience less scarring and cosmetic impacts following a procedure, due to the equipment’s precision.

SVHM is first using the robot for urology surgeries, and will look to expand its use to other specialties during the coming months.

Following an extensive set up and training process, SVHM Urologist Associate Professor Ming Wong undertook the first surgery using the technology, in January 2024.

A/Prof Wong said the use of robotic technology meant SVHM was well positioned to deliver excellence in surgical care now and into the future.

“This state-of-the-art equipment is an exciting advancement for our patients and our staff, and we’re proud to be providing surgical training, that includes robotics, for the next generation of St Vincent’s surgeons.”

SVHM’s Perioperative Services Manager, Nikki Dennis, described the first surgery as a massive milestone for her team.

“We are very excited to have the new da Vinci robot, to provide even better care for our patients and enhance our reputation as a leading provider of tertiary surgical care,” she said.

“This equipment is commonly found in private hospitals, but it is less common in Victoria’s public hospitals, so being able to offer this to our SVHM patients will help reduce this inequity.”

DaVinci robot 2-cropped

Pictured: Members of SVHM's theatre team.