Governing Bodies

St Vincent’s is part of Australia’s largest not-for-profit health service. We are governed by a national body, St Vincent’s Health Australia under the Stewardship of the Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

St Vincent's is committed to continuing the tradition of care exemplified by our founders the Sisters of Charity. Our values are the means by which we continue this tradition of care. We will be guided by these values in our relationships with the people we serve and our partners.

St Vincent's Health Australia

St Vincent’s has been providing health care in Australia for more than 155 years since the first hospital was established in Sydney in 1857 by the Sisters of Charity. When the first five Sisters arrived in Australia in 1838 they carried with them the vision of their Founder, Mary Aikenhead to reach out to all in need of care, especially in the service of the poor. In a newly established colony, the challenges were many and varied. There was a great need among the community for the particular gifts of Mary Aikenhead’s Sisters – education, outreach and health care. This need was most keenly felt by those on the margins of the fledgling colony.

It is the legacy entrusted to us by the Sisters of Charity that continues to inspire St Vincent’s Health Australia to strengthen and grow our mission. Today, we conduct services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in public hospitals, private hospitals, and aged care facilities. We work with many of Australia’s premier research institutes and universities, and we work in partnership with other Congregations and health care providers. Our 17,000 staff care for more than 1 million patients and residents each year. We stand with and serve those who are living on the margins of our society.

Visit the St Vincent Health Australia Website for more information.

Envision 2025

Our strategy, enVision 2025, outlines an ambitious but achievable program for growth and leadership over the next few years. enVision 2025 is the roadmap for the future of our organisation and our shared commitment to serve something greater by continuing the mission that has underpinned who we are and what we have done right from the start. We will continue to see something greater as we think big and grow our presence and capabilities so we can do more for more people in need. Our mission deserves nothing less than our best, all the time. So we will strive for something greater as we pursue excellence in everything we do.

Mary Aikenhead Ministries

In 2008 the Sisters of Charity of Australia were granted approval by the Catholic Church to establish Mary Aikenhead Ministries to support the continued growth and development of the various health, education and welfare initiatives established by the Congregation. Mary Aikenhead Ministries officially commenced operations on 1 July 2009.

For more information, visit the Mary Aikenhead Ministries Website and learn about the trustees.

The Friends of St Vincent's

In 2015 the SVHA Board invited various leaders from the Catholic Church, health sector, industry, education, business and the community to meet regularly and:

  • Engage in strategic dialogue on key issues relating to patient care, medical research and corporate efficiency
  • Be informed about current and emerging issues and risks in healthcare and aged care and provide advice on what should be the SVHA response to those issues and risks
  • Increase two way engagement with health, research, business, government, the Catholic Church and industry for the benefit of Victorians
  • Test or offer innovative solutions to key strategic and policy issues in patient care, medical research and corporate efficiency
  • Bring key community issues and needs to The Friends for high level exploration
  • Raise the profile and enhance the brand of SVHA and its Melbourne facilities.

This Group of leaders is known as The Friends of St Vincent’s.

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