AHLO Program

St Vincent’s Hospital was one of the first hospitals to establish a Koori Hospital Liaison Program in 1982. St Vincent’s was chosen for the program because of its geographical location and the needs of the local Aboriginal community.

What we do

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers provide:

  • Cultural, emotional, spiritual and clinical support to patients and families
  • Patient advocacy
  • Cultural consultation to clinicians
  • Participation in family meetings
  • Support re: discharge planning
  • Community follow up

AHLOs work from 8.30am – 5.00pm, Mondays – Fridays.

Medical Specialist Access Framework Case Study – St Vincent’s Hospital 

Contact Us

AHLO Program Reception - Contact Information 

Please call 03) 9231 3436

If callers would like to make a referral, or if there is any difficulty connecting directly with AHLO’s, we encourage you to use AHLO Program reception. This service is for patient related matters only. Referrals for Aboriginal patients on who are at St George’s Health Service and Caritas Christi, Kew can be made via this reception number.