Books on St Vincent's

Histories of St Vincent's include:

  • Egan, Bryan 1993, Ways of a hospital: St Vincent's Melbourne 1890s - 1990s, Allen & Unwin, St Leonard's, NSW.
  • Sheehan, Mary 2005, A profession's pathway: nursing at St Vincent's since 1893, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Kew, Victoria.
  • Dunin, Josephine 2011, Setting it straight: a history of the Orthopaedic Department at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Utber & Patullo, Richmond, Victoria.
  • Vellar, Ivo 2006, The history of medicine at St Vincent's Hospital 1893 - 2006, Publishing Solutions, Richmond, Victoria.
  • Vellar, Ivo 2004, Surgery and surgeons at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne 1950s - 2000, Publishing Solutions, Richmond, Victoria.
  • Vellar, Ivo 2002, The doers: history of surgery at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne 1890s - 1950s, Publishing Solutions, Richmond, Victoria.
  • Skewes, Edna 1989, Mother Berchmans Daly: Foundress of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Spectrum, Richmond, Victoria.


St George's Hospital has its own history book, as does Caritas Christi Hospice, and the St Vincent's Private Hospitals:

  • Marshall, Norman 1981, St George's Hospital, Kew 1912 - 1980: an early Anglican hospital, St George's Hospital, Kew, Victoria.
  • O'Leary, Mary 1988, Till the shades lengthen: Caritas Christi Hospice, Kew, 1938 - 1988, Dimond Press, South Yarra, Victoria.
  • Tyquin, Michael 1996, A place on the hill: the history of St Vincent's private hospitals in Melbourne 1906 - 1993, Hargreen, North Melbourne, Victoria.


Some of the publications are available for purchase through the St Vincent’s Foundation website or by calling (03) 9231 3365.

Other publications can be sourced via public libraries (look on TROVE for locations) and/or via second-hand book sites. 


The cover of nursing history, A profession's pathway.