St Vincent’s has a large number of volunteers who are a valued part of the health service team and complement the organisation by supporting staff, patients and family members. Volunteering at St Vincent’s is a rewarding experience and offers a caring and supportive environment, an opportunity to meet new people and most importantly- the chance to contribute to your community by helping others.  

Volunteer programs range from direct patient and visitor contact to supporting staff across the organisation.

Each volunteer plays a vital role in improving the hospital experience for patients, carers and visitors, by undertaking a variety of roles, including;

  • Providing general information and assistance to visitors to St Vincents
  • Providing companionship to isolated, lonely or anxious patients, delivering donated magazines and books to patients, assisting identified patients with their meals, facilitating activities (such as arts and crafts or playing games) and directing visitors
    throughout St Vincent's or visiting patients with trained dogs who are part of our Pet Program.  

Volunteers wear an identification badge and a volunteers vest.

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