Study Days

Study days offered at SVHM are a valuable resource for professional growth. These dedicated days provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. Through a variety of educational programs and workshops, we empower our staff to stay updated with the latest advancements in their field. Promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among colleagues, our study days help foster a culture of continuous learning. By investing in these educational opportunities, we ensure that our healthcare professionals are well-equipped to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

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2024 Courses, Workshops and Study Days - A to Z

12 Lead ECG Online Course

The ECG Course equips you with an understanding of 12-lead ECG analysis, interpretation and management. A good foundational understanding of cardiac anatomy and cardiac function is required. We recommend completing the Heart Starter Study Day prior.

This course runs over 8 weeks with approximately 1 hour of online content each week, consisting of videos, a quiz, ECG practice and further reading. There will also be supporting face-to-face tutorials. There are 2 x four hour tutorials from 08:30 - 12:30. It is highly recommended that participants attend these tutorials.
Participants will be eligible for 1 x 8hr study leave during the 8 weeks to be taken in discussion with your manager.

Monday 15 January, 2024
Monday 11 March, 2024
Monday 15 July, 2024
Monday 7 October, 2024

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Care of the Older Person Study Day

This one day program is aimed at nurses interested in developing their knowledge base and clinical practice in caring for the older person.

6 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Thursday 17 October, 2024

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Education & Learning
Building C (Healy Wing), Level 2
41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy, 3065

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Dual Chamber Pacing Study Day

This half day course is aimed at nurses working in ICU and 4th Floor to discuss the indications for Dual Chamber Pacing.

Tuesday 4 June, 2024
Wednesday 30 October, 2024

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Endocrinology Study Day

The world of hormones and glands can be complex and challenging for patients, nurses and endocrinologists.

Nurses are invited to attend, The Education and Learning Centre, for a face to face education day. Topics include:

- Hormones -Pituitary, Adrenals, Thyroid, Bone Management, Pancreas
- Rare Endocrine Conditions – Cushings disease, Conns Syndrome, Adrenal Insufficency, Insulinomas
- Interesting Cases
- Role of the Endocrine Nurse
- Endocrine Procedures
- Patient Education and equipment

6 CPD hours

Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance
This course is not available to external participants
Sponsored session – If you have any dietary requirements please inform us

Monday 9th September
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Enrolled Nurse Study Day

This one-day face to face program is specifically designed for the Enrolled Nurses. It is a combination of lectures, case study group work and simulation.

The study day will follow the following format:

•             Patient assessment 
•             Case study group work 
•             Simulation training in regard to patient deterioration and effective teamwork.

6 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 refund on attendance.

Monday 24 June, 2024
Monday 28 October, 2024

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Heart Starter Study Day

This study day is a less intensive alternative to the ECG course. Designed to develop knowledge of common cardiac conditions and treatments and basic ECG interpretation. Topics include:

- Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
- 12 Lead ECG Interpretation
- Heart Dissection
- Heart Failure
- Atrial Fibrillation
- Acute Coronary Syndrome

6 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Tuesday 16 January, 2024
Friday 9 February, 2024
Thursday 11 April, 2024
Tuesday 18 June, 2024
Tuesday 30 July, 2024
Tuesday 10 September, 2024
Monday 11 November, 2024
Tuesday 3 December, 2024

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Optimising Mental Health in the General Hospital

Workshop offering introductory skills in caring for people with Mental Health.

Topics include:
Anxiety & Depression
Self harm
Suicidal attempts
Eating Disorder
Psychotic Illness
Recognising and responding to deterioration in mental health
Deteriorating mental health and escalation pathway

Thursday 28 March, 2024
Wednesday 15 May, 2024
Tuesday 2 July, 2024
Wednesday 11 September, 2024

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Palliative Care Study Day

A one day face to face program aimed at nurses interested in developing their knowledge base and clinical practice in palliative care. Topics to be confirmed.

6 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Thursday 6 June, 2024

Caratis Christi
Function Room
104 Studley Park Road, Kew

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Single Chamber Temporary Pacing Study Day

An exciting educational opportunity to up skill or refresh your knowledge on temporary pacing. Course has been designed for Registered Nurses working in ICU, CCU, Cardiothoracic and CIU

Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Friday 15 March, 2024
Tuesday 1 October, 2024

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Supervision Training

This one day face to face program teaches preceptorship principles to enable participants to support nurses in different stages of their career development from undergraduates to postgraduates

6 CPD hours  - Equivalent to 1 study day

Tuesday 26 March, 2024
Tuesday 21 May, 2024
Tuesday 23 July, 2024
Tuesday 22 October, 2024

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STAR-CODe - Deteriorating Patient Course
STAR-CODe - Simulation Training for Acute Response and Care of Deteriorating Patients

This dynamic interprofessional course is designed to support and empower nursing and junior medical staff in recognising and responding to acutely deteriorating patients. Participants will gain essential technical and professional skills, fostering a systematic and collaborative approach to patient management.

Through the use of facilitated discussion, skills stations and immersive simulations, participants will have the opportunity to apply these critical skills with support and feedback from an experienced faculty in a community of shared expertise. 

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Trauma Informed Care

Between 57–75% of people will experience a traumatic event at some point. The chance of hospital staff encountering someone with a trauma history is very high. Staff want to understand more about the impact of trauma in the hospital setting so they can support their patients.

The training is delivered face-to-face and includes an educational workshop followed by three immersive patient simulations using professional actors.

Tuesday 12 March, 2024
Tuesday 4 June, 2024
Thursday 11 July, 2024
Thursday 7 November, 2024

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VAC Workshop

This half day interactive workshop aims to assist nurses to develop specific wound dressing skills when caring for a patient with a VAC dressing/device.
You will be required to attend the Education and Learning Centre for face to face education.

4 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$25 will be refunded on attendance
This course is not available to external participants

Tuesday 9 April, 2024
Wednesday 26 June, 2024
Tuesday 10 September, 2024
Tuesday 12 November, 2024

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Viral Hepatitis Study Day

An overview of Hepatitis B and C and the role of nurses in the management of viral hepatitis

6 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Tuesday 3 September, 2024

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VTE Masterclass

This 3 hour face to face workshop is designed to increase knowledge and awareness of venous thromboembolism, disease state and prevalence. Participants will be able to better identify patients at risk of developing venous thromboembolism and better select appropriate prophylactic regimens.

3 CPD hours
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
Full refunded on attendance

Thursday 21 March, 2024

Wound Management Study Day

Participants will be provided with current information to apply and promote best clinical practice when managing patient wounds.
This course will be delivered on-line with a combination of presentations presented in real time and pre-recorded and prepared programs available to be completed at learners own pace.

6 CPD hours - Equivalent to 1 study day
Cost for SVHM staff - $25
$20 will be refunded on attendance

Tuesday 18 June, 2024
Tuesday 8 October, 2024