Frequently Asked Questions

When are the 2022 program intakes?
St Vincent’s, Melbourne (SVHM) are offering the choice of three intakes for the 2022 Mainstream Graduate Nurse Program-January, March and May. St Vincent’s will be also piloting a new Perioperative Graduate Program that will have one intake commencing in January.

How many positions are available?
100+ positions at 0.8 EFT (equivalent to 4 days per week).

How many rotations do you offer and do I have a preference?
SVHM offer two rotations within the 12 month program (6 month duration for each). Clinical rotation preference forms will be sent out to successful candidates to complete after PMCV results are released.

When do applications open?
The 2022 Graduate Nurse Program online applications open via Workday on Monday 7 June 2021 and close Friday 9 July 2021 (same dates as PMCV)

Who do I address my cover letter to?
Address applications to Sarah Britten and Paula Titford, Graduate Nurse Program Coordinators.

When will interviews be held?
St Vincent’s will be working in partnership with PMCV to utilise the recorded online interviews that PMCV will be coordinating with candidates once you register your application with them. Our shortlisted candidates for interview will be emailed a notification by SVHM.

International and interstate candidates will be contacted by SVHM directly to arrange an online interview.

What does the interview process involve?
Your interview will be prerecorded with set questions that you can complete at home. PMCV will direct you on the process once you have registered with them. You need to ensure you have a device with a camera and audio to record your interview. PMCV will designate a set timeline for interviews to be completed.

When do I find out if we have been successful in obtaining a position?
Successful candidates will be contacted by SVHM within 24-48 hours of computer match results being released. The match release date is Monday 4 October 2021.

My clinical reports are extremely long. Do you want every page included?
Yes. Every page must be included in your application. If you require assistance uploading your reports to your online application, contact St Vincent’s People & Organisational Development (HR) on 03 9231 1500.

Do I need to certify my documents?
SVHM will accept documents certified on the front page only with certification stating that the document is in its entity with the amount of pages. Pebblepad and other online reports do not require certification.

Do you accept International and interstate applications?
Yes. SVHM follows PMCV guidelines giving preference to Victorian applications. International and interstate applications can only be considered post PMCV results but still need to apply to SVHM at the same time as everyone else.

Graduate Nurse Hotline: (03) 9231 2244
Graduate Nurse Coordinators: