22 October 2020

Relapse Prevention Webinar: How to explore the early warning signs of psychosis. Presented in association with NEMHSCA

Demonstration of BITS approach

Resources from the webinar:

5 October 2020

In the following two offerings, viewers are introduced to the principles of Dual Diagnosis and Harm Reduction. Through interviews, staff and consumers from Mental Health settings share their experiences implementing the Before, During and After Harm Reduction tool and relay some outcomes of using this approach. The animation is based on an interview with a consumer who used the BDA tool to explore his alcohol use.

Viewers are guided to free Harm Reduction resources for use with consumers, and provided with an understanding of why Harm Reduction is a practice that should not just be limited to Drug and Alcohol workers. 

Harm Reduction Webinar presented in association with NEMHSCA                        

Before, During and After lived experience story (animation)


15 October 2020

Trauma Informed Care and responding to sexual abuse disclosure Webinar presented in association with NEMHSCA

Resources from the webinar: