Workforce Enhancement


Nexus Dual Diagnosis Consultation Service provides organisational and workforce development support to services and individuals across Public Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs and Mental Health Community Support Services.

Nexus offers training via a calendar of events and also through negotiated customised training and workforce enhancements.  

For queries regarding workforce enhancement and training or to request personalised support for your organisation, please contact Nexus at or by telephone on (03) 9231 2083.


Nexus Training Calendar 2021

Each training package costs $75

The training will be delivered through a mix of online learning modules and face-to-screen (F2S) Zoom sessions.

 Peer workers and students may contact Nexus if cost is an issue.

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Working with Trauma and Dual Diagnosis

 1st March through to 24th March

Relapse Prevention Webinar Reflective Session

25th March

Harm Reduction Webinar Reflective Session

22nd April

Dual Diagnosis Essentials

28th May through to 17th June