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The Reasons For Use Package

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Reasons For Use Package plain language statement

Kroes, S. and Myers, K., 2022. 9 Engaging with Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery. Social Work Practice in Health: An Introduction to Contexts, Theories and Skills. Chapter 9 . Routledge

Kroes, S., Myers, K., McLoughlan, G., O'Connor, S., Keily, E. and Petrakis, M., 2022. Coproduction in evaluating a dual diagnosis tool with youth in a residential mental health service. Advances in Dual Diagnosis, (ahead-of-print). Read the article: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/ADD-06-2022-0017/full/html

Introduction to Reasons for Use Package (from SVHA Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019)

The Reasons for Use Package: How mentoring aids implementation of dual diagnosis practice

This article specifically addresses the key role of mentoring in the RFUP implementation. Read the article on page 25.


The Reasons For Use Package: Development Research and Implementation Lessons For The Field

This article describes the national comparison trial of the Reasons For Use Package, 2015.

Read the full paper: RFUP Paper TheMHS Conference 2016

* This paper was presented at the TheMHS conference in 2016. The paper is listed here with permission from TheMHS Learning Network.  Click for this paper on the TheMHS Resource Library


The Reasons For Use Package: Outcomes from a Case Comparison Evaluation

This article describes the comparison outcomes evaluation of the Reasons For Use Package, 2020.

Read the full paper: RFUP: Outcomes from a Case Comparison Evaluation


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